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Voy a trabajar mañana.
I am going to work tomorrow.
Mago va a comprar un carro la próxima semana.
Mago is going to buy a car next week.
¿Va usted a Guadalajara?
Are you going to Guadalajara?
Voy a venir con mi amigo Pablo.
I am going to come with my friend Pablo.
Las muchachas van a entrar primero.
The girls are going to enter first.
Ellos van a hablar con el jefe.
They (male) are going to talk with the boss.
Miguel va a sacar los documentos de la oficina.
Miguel is going to take out the documents from the office.
Voy a Los Angeles el martes.
I am going to Los Angeles on Tuesday.
Elsa va a poner los documentos en el correo.
Elsa is going to put the documents in the mail.
Voy a tomar un cafe con Cristina por la tarde.
I am going to take a coffe with Cristina in the afternoon.
Usted va a saber la verdad.
You (formal) are going to know the truth.
¿Usted no va a ir a trabajar el fin de semana?
Aren't you going to work on the weekend? (formal)
Vamos a tener una junta el próximo viernes.
We are going to have a meeting next Friday.
El señor Castillo no va a hablar con usted.
Mr. Castillo is not going to talk to you. (formal)