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Define Alacrity and name 3 synonyms.
A cheerful readiness, eagerness, or promptness in action or movement. Synonyms: quickness, liveliness, briskness, entusiasm, animation, zeal, and celerity.
Define Obviate.
To prevent, make unnecessary, meet and dispose of, clear out of the way.
Define Emolument and name 1 synonym.
Wages, salsry, payment, received for work. Synonyms: compensation, recompense, and remuneration.
Define Intransigent, name 4 synonyms and 4 antonyms.
Uncompromising, refusing to come to an agreement, inwilling to modify one's position or give ground. Synonyms: irreconcilable, unyielding, diehard, hidebound, obstinate, resolute, tenacious, recalcitrant, intractable, refractory, and obdurate. Antonyms: compromising, flexible, obliging, submissive, compliant, malleable, docile, tractable, deferential, acquiescent, and complaisant.
Define Mordant and name 2 synonyms.
Biting, cutting, keen, sarcastic, scathing. Synonyms: incisive, caustic, trenchant, virulent, and acrimonious.
Define Sagacious, name 3 synonyms and 3 antonyms.
Wise, shrewd, perceptive; showing sound judgement and keen insight, especially in practical matters. Synonyms: insightful, discerning, astute, judicious, percipient, sage, sapient, and perspicacious. Antonyms: undiscriminating, undiscerning, simpleminded, witless, inane, gullible, credulous, obtuse, and addlepated.
Define Acerbic, name 2 synonmys and 1 antonym.
Sour, bitter, and harsh in flavour, tone, or character. Synonyms: tart, caustic, pungent, astringent, acrid, and acidulous. Antonym: sweet.
Define Variegated.
In a broad sense, varied, diverse, showing variety of character of form.
Define Succor.
To aid, help, relieve, give assistance to in time of need or difficulty.
Define Importune.
To trouble or annoy with requests or demands, make urgent or persistent entreaties or solicitous.