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Define Adduce.
To offer or cite as a reason, as evidence, or as authority for an opinion or course of action.
Define Miscreant and name 6 synonyms.
An evil, unscrupulous, vicious person; someone wihtout principles or conscience; a villain, criminal. Synonyms: scoundrel, rascal, rogue, hoodlum, hooligan, ne'er-do-well, valet, rapscallion, blackguard, desparado, scapegrace, scofflaw, malefactor, reprobate.
Define Quixotic and name 2 synonyms and 2 antonyms.
Foolishly impractical or idealistic, especially in an extravagantly chivalrous or romantic way; inclined to pursue lofty, unreachable goals or far-fetched, unworkable schemes. Synonyms: fanciful, whimsical, visionary, utopian, impracticable, chimerical. Antonyms: realistic, practical, pragmatic, and utilitarian.
Define Suppurate.
To fester, form or discharge pus.
Define Martinet.
A strict disciplinarian, taskmaster, rigid enforcer of rules and regulations.
Define Compunction and name 2 synonyms.
A twinge of regret caused bu an ineasy conscience; a pang of guilt for a wrong done or for pain that one has caused another. Synonyms: remorse, misgiving, scruple, and qualm, contrition.
Define Mercurial and name 3 synonyms and 2 antonyms.
Quick to change moods or change one's mind, having an unpredicatble temperament. Synonyms: flighty, impulsive, fickle, capricious, volatile, erratic, and protean. Antonyms: stable, fixed, steadfast, invariable, and immutable.
Define NOstrum.
A quack remedy or medicine; a panacea; hence, a dubious or dishonest plan or scheme for curing a social or political problem.
Define Propitiate and name 2 synonyms and 2 antonyms.
To appease, gain or regain the goodwill or favou of, cause the become favorably inclined. Synonyms: conciliate, pacify, mollify, placate, and assuage. Antonyms: alienate, offend, antagonize, estrange, and disaffect.
Define Efficacy.
Effectiveness; the power to produce a desired effect or result.