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Define nepotism.
Favoritism shown to relatives.
Define ribald.
humorous in a mildly indecent, coarse, or vulgar way. Synonyms: gross, indelicate, lewd, immodest, sensual, and obcsene.
Antonyms: refined, decent, polite, tasteful, cultured, polished, cultivated,decorous, and urbane.
Define avuncular.
Like an uncle, pertaining to an uncle, or exhibiting some characteristic considered typical of an uncle.
Define supplicate.
to ask, beg, or plead forhumbly and earnestly.
Synonyms: entreat, petition, importune, and beseech.
Define irascible.
easily angered, hot-tempered, extremely irritable or touchy.
Synonyms: cranky, testy, peevish, petulant, irate, cantakerous, contentious, snappish, chloeric, captious, and spenetic.
Antonyms: caol, unruffled, placid, amiable, affable, and equable.
Define inexorable.
relentless, unyielding, merciless; not able to be stopped, changed ot moved by entreaty or persuasion.
Synonyms: unrelenting, unswerving, inflexible, immovable,uncomprising, intrnsigent, obdurate, and impacable.
Antonyms: flexible, compromising, obliging, compliant, docile, tractable, acquiescent, and complaisant.
Define parvenu.
an upstart, specifically, a person who suddenly aquires wealth and power and rises to a higher class, but who is not accepted by the members of that class.
Define salubrious.
healthful, wholesome, favorable or conducive to well-being.
Antonyms: insalubrious, deleterious, pernicious, noxious, baneful, malign, and noisome.
Define hyperbole.
exaggeration in speech or writing; especially, extravagent exaggeration that is intentional and obvious.
Define sanctimonious.
self-rightous; holier-than-thou; characterized by insincere or affected righteousness, virtuousness, or religious piety.