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believe, professed faith or opinion, especially a system of religious buoys.
Synonyms include doctrine and dogma
sheep and showy, gaudy, garish, sleazy
a person may wear tawdry clothing or have a tawdry reputation
its era double, cross, complaining, fretful, ill humored and inpatient, difficult to please.
There are peevish moods, peevish remarks, and peevish looks. A peeve is something that era Tates or annoys
very difficult, hard to achieve or accomplish, requiring great effort.
Synonyms include strenuous, laborious, and toilsome
attractive, pleasing in appearance, handsome, comely, fair, presentable
personable has come to be used to mean having a nice personality. You should avoid using the word in that way. The words soociable, affable, and amiable already suggest people who are friendly, pleasant, and approachable.
firmly determined or settled, resolved, having a set opinion or purpose, steadfast, unwavering, persevering
resolute means to decide, determined, settle once and for all
and assumption, theory, hypothesis
to suppose means to assume adage true, put something forward for consideration.
unreasoned, based on personal feelings or preferences rather going on reason, logic, or law
arbitrary meanns making discretionary judgments are decisions that may or may not be fair or reasonable
lacking variety, tediously uniform, unvarying and dull
monotonous means literally having one continuous sound or tone
something handed down from the past, an inheritance
legacy may mean a gift of money or property provided by a will, it may also mean anything inherited or passed down through time
numerous and varied, consisting of many kinds, containing many elements, features, or characteristics
manifold emphasizes variety, and diversity
bending easily, flexible, adaptable, workable
pliant and pliable usually refer to objects that are easily workable. Supple may apply to material things or to a human body
a quick reply, especially one that is cutting or witty
in its most precise sense, a retort is a quick reply that counters an argument
stubborn, inflexible, unwilling to give in or compromise, not yielding to argument or persuasion
synonyms include hidebound, intractable, intransigent, and adamant
to care, cut roughly, rend, mangle
lacerate may also be used figuratively to mean wound, afflict, cause pain
all-powerful, all Mikey, having unlimited power or authority
omni- means "all"
untrustworthy, dishonorable, deceitful, corrupt, lacking integrity or moral principles
unscrupulous people will do almost anything, no matter how dishonorable, to get what they want
a revival, rebirth, resurgence, renewal of life or vigor
renaissance means to be born again
a coming into beginning, beginning, origin, birth, creation
in current usage Genesis may refer in a general sense to any creation or process of coming into being
to justify, give good reason for, authorize, sanction
warrant may also mean to guarantee, promise, give formal assurance of
difficult to deal with, disagreeable, argumentative, quick to quarrel or to exhibit ill will
ask synonyms include contentious, malicious, and irascible
disrespectful in a frivolous way, treating something serious iin a trivial manner
flippant language is inappropriately lighthearted or disrespectful
to conquer, defeat, vanquish, overwhelmed completely, bring on your rigid control, make submissive, dominate, enslave
subjugate means literally took place under a yoke
twisted, crooked, lopsided, askew, distorted in odd, amusing way
a person with a wry sense of humor is capable of twisting or distorting things in a laughable way
polished, sophisticated, suave, cosmopolitan
the word may be used either of suave, socially refined behavior or of expression that is polished and elegant
specialized and often pretentious language; speech or writing that is highly technical and difficult to understand
jargon develops initially as a means for the members of a particular group to communicate precisely and efficiently
cautious, careful, planning wisely, exercising sound judgment in practical matters
synonyms include discrete, judicious, and circumspect
secure, safe from assault, infringement, or destruction, sacred, untouchable, unassailable, incorruptible
inviolable literally means not able to be violated
spacious, having plenty of room, comfortably convenient.
Synonyms include ample and capacious. from the Latin which means "something convenient or suitable"
nearness, closeness, the state of being in the vicinity of something
proximity may be used either of persons or things to mean nearness in place, time, or relation