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(Indicative Mood)

Relative Clause
Just original form, but a verb in a relative clause
EX: Poeta qui litteras scribit est sapiens.
The poet who writes literature is wise.
Causal Clause
Starts with quod
The because clause

Ex: Adsunt quod officium sequuntur
They are present because the succeed the office.
Temporal Clause
The "after," "there,"---any apposition that designate time
ex: Dum Romae eram, Ciceronem vidi
While I was in Rome, I was Cicero.
Cum temporal
The cum clause that takes the indicative

Cum eum vidi, eum cognovi.
When I saw him, I recognized him
substantive / noun clause
The "as to" caluse

Ex: Quod scribis, gaudio.
As to what you write, I am in joy.
Concessive clause
The "Although" clause
Leads: quamvis, ut, licet, etsi, tametsi, etiam si, quamquam, cum

Ex: Quamquam hostes superiores erant, eos oppugnavimus.
Although the enemies were strong, we fought them.
Proviso clause
The "provided that" clause
Leads: "Dummodo"

Ex: Non timebo, dummodo hic remaneas.
I will not fear, provided that you remain here.
Purpose / Final clause
"So that" Clause
Ex: Venio ad urbem ut amicum videam.
I went to the city so that I saw my friend
(I went to the city to see my friend)
Rel. clause of characteristic
The "that which" "he who" clause

Nemo erat qui hoc faceret.
No one was he who did this.
(No one did this)
Result / Consecutive clause
The "so much that" clause

Tanta fecit ut urbem servaret.
He did such great things that he saved the city.
Causal clause
clause with quoniam

Ex: Quoniam venisti, me adiuvare debes.
When you saw me, you should hear me.
Cum Circumstantial
Cum + imperfect or pluperfect subjunctive
Special "when" clause

Ex: Cum hoc fecisset, fugit.
When (once) he did this, he left
Cum Causal
The "since" clause with subjunctive

Ex: Cum hoc tsciret, potuit eos iuvare.
Cum concessive / adversative
The "although" cum clause

Cum haec sciret, tamen non eos iuvavit.
Even though he knew this, he nonetheless helped them.
Temporal clause with until
The "Until" clause with subjunctive

Ex: Expectas dum dicat
He was expecting until he says
(He was expecting for him to say)
Substantive clause of purpose
// Jussive noun clause
"He wants him to do this" clause

Ex: Imperavit ei ut hoc faceret
He demanded him to do this.
Fear clause
The "he fears that" clause
positive : ne
negative: ut

Ex: Metuit ne hostes oppugnent.
He fears that they will fight the enemies.
Indirect question
The "What he says" "who we are" "from which we come"

Ex: Rogavit unde veniremnus.
He asked from which we came.