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Main Verb
Just the main verb of the sentence

Ex: Poeta scribit litteras
The poet writes letters.
Hortatory / Jussive subjunctive
The "let" clause

ex: Scribat poeta litteras
Let the poet write literature
Optative subjunctive
The wish clause, the "If only" clause

Ex: Utinam Cicero vivert.
If only Cicero were living.
Deliberative subjunctive
Indirect quesetion towards yourself as an exclamation.

Ex: quid agam?
What am I doing?
Potential Subjunctive
The "should","would"...clause

Ex: Forsitan temere fecerim.
Perhaps I should fear.
Prohibitive Subjunctive
The negative imperative sense achieved by the use of subjunctive

Ex: Ne scripteris litteras!
Don't write literature!
Imperative Mood

Ex: Scribe litteras!
Write letters!