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"to enter"
"to study"
"to hope"
"to answer"
"to buy"
"to look for"
"to dance"
"to sing"
"to listen"
"to speak"
"to rest"
"to spend time"
"to send"
"to draw"
"to practice"
"to travel"
"to use"
"to take "
"to touch"
"to call"
"to arrive"
"to pay"
"to watch"
"to want"
"to walk"
"to help"
"to teach"
"to return"
"to ask"
"to need"
"to live"
"to be"
"to have"
"to have"
"tener/ "
"to question"
"to be""
"to be right"
"tener razon"
"to learn"
"to be hungry"
"tener hambre"
"to believe"
"to be tired"
"tener sueño"
"to read"
"to live"
"to be thirsty"
"tener sed"
"to be successful"
"tener éxito"
"to sell"
"to write"
"to receive"
"to open"
"to understand"
"to attend"
"asistir a"
"to eat"
“to eat”
"to be in a hurry"
"tener prisa"
"to drink"
"it's windy"
"hace viento"
"it's sunny"
"hace sol"
"it's cold"
"hace frio"
"it's chilly"
"hace fresco"
"it's hot"
"hace calor"
"the weather is nice"
"hace buen tiempo"
"it's snowing"
"it's raining"
"it's cloudy"
"esta nublado"
"to play
to touch"
"it's cloudy"
"está nublado"
"to go on a picnic"
"hacer un picnic"
"to swim"
"nadar (practicar natación)"
"to make plans"
"hacer un planes"
"to win"
"to ski"
"to waterski"
"esquiar en el agua"
"to run"
"to lift weights"
"levantar pesas"
"to walk in the mountains"
"caminar por las montañas"
"to play tennis"
"jugar al tenis"
"to inline skate"
"patinar en linea"
"to ride a bicycle"
"andar en bicicleta”
"golf course"
"el campo de golf"
"to go""
"go for a walk"
"dar un paseo"
"to drink coffee"
"a tomar un café"
"to watch a movie"
"ver una pelicula"
"to watch television"
"mirar la tele"
as in to go shopping"
"to sunbathe"
"tomar el sol"
"to visit "
"It's snowing"
"está nieva"
"it's raining"
"está lloviendo"
"to exercise"
"hacer un ejercicio"
"to take pictures"
"sacar fotos"