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1st person, I am
io sono
2nd Person, you are (familliar tense)
tu sei
3rd Person

he is
she is
you are, formal
lui e'
lei e'
Lei e'
We Are
noi siamo
you are (plural)
voi siete
they are
loro sono
you are , formal
Loro sono
Luigi e' Italiano
Luigi is italian
Marco e io siamo studenti
Marco and I are students
Lisa e Gino sono di Roma
Lisa and Gino are from Rome
Tu e Piero siete buoni amica
You are Piero are god friends
The negative of a verb is formed by placing non before the verb.
Unlike english verns Italian verbs have a different ending for each person
Non siamo a teatro
We are not at the Theater
Filippo non e classe
Filippo is not in class
To make a question in italian , you must place the subject at he end or leave the subect at the beginning. The inflection in the last word inditcates that it is a question
E Studentessa Gabriella?


Gabriella e studentessa?

both mean, is Gabrielle a student.