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What country did the United States favor, in opposition to Venezuela, for the open seat at the UN Security Council in 2006?
What year did Hugo Chavez orchestrate a failed coup against then-president Carlos Andres Perez?
What year was Hugo Chavez first elected president?
What is the name of the Venezuelan presidential palace?
How many years did Chavez spend in Yare prison?
Which president pardoned Chavez after his release from prison?
President Rafael Caldera
With what percentage of the vote did Chavez win the presidency in 1998?
When did Venezuelans vote to create a new constitution?
July 1999
What new name did the 1999 constitution give Venezuela?
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
How many years did the new constitution give a presidential term, from the previous 5?
In what year was Chavez first RE elected?
In what year did Chavez experience a coup attempt by the military?
Who was Venezuela's interim president during the 2002 coup?
Pedro Carmona
How long did Carmona hold onto power?
5 days
When did the massive PDVSA strike begin?
December 2, 2002
What did Chavez' 'Mission Robinson' promote?
Children's reading, writing, and math
Who did Chavez' 'Mission Guaicaipuro' seek to help?
Venezuela's indigenous
What did 'Mission Sucre' promote?
Higher education
Who did 'Mission Ribas' target?
high-school dropouts
What group was most active in collecting signatures for the anti-Chavez referendum?
What National Assembly member made the identities of the petition signers public?
Luis Tason
When was the recall vote held?
August 15, 2004
What percentage voted to 'no' to the recall attempt?
What did 'Mission Identity' promote?
fast track voter registration of immigrants
What did 'Mission Miranda' establish?
national citizen militia
When did Chavez declare that the FTAA is 'dead'?
March 4, 2005
When did Chavez ban the Christian group 'New Tribes Mission' from the country?
October 2005
What does 'Mission Zamora' promote?
land reform
What did 'Mission Mercal' set up?
government-subsidized grocery stores
Who does 'Mission Piar' seek to benefit?
small-scale miners