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St. Domencio at Recanati
Lorenzo Lotto, Madonna Enthroned with Saints, 1508
Santa Cristina Altarpiece
Lorenzo Lotto, 1505
The Annunciation
Lorenzo Lotto, 1527
Madonna and Saints
Lorenzo Lotto, 1506
Marsilio Cassoti and his Bride Faustina
Lorenzo Lotto, 1523
Madonna and Child with Two Donors
Lorenzo Lotto, 1523
Portrait of a Young Man
Lorenzo Lotto, 1520
Allegory of Chastity (Maiden's Dream)
Lorenzo Lotto, 1506
Andrea Odoni
Lorenzo Lotto,1527
Portrait of Man Holding Glove
Vecchio, 1515
Sacra Conversazione with Donors
Vecchio, 1525
Madonna of the Pesaro Family
Titian, 1519-26
Worship of Venus
Titian, 1515
Bacchanalia of Andros
Titian, 1519
Feast of the Gods
Giovanni Bellini, 1514