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hablar por teléfono
to talk on the telephone
trabajar en un restaurante
to work in a restaurant
nadar en la piscina
to swim in the pool
caminar con el perro
To walk the dog
mirar la televisión
to watch television
preparar la cena
to prepare the dinner
lavar el carro
to wash the car
to return
pasar el rato con amigos
to hang out with friends
tomar un helado
to have an ice cream
cuidar a tu hermano/a
to take care of your brother/sister
descansar en el parque
to rest in the park
escuchar música
to listen to music
with me
pintar en la clase de arte
to paint in art class
por eso
that's why
bailar el tango
to dance the tango
practicar el piano
to practice the piano
cantar en el coro
to sing in the chorus
lavar la ropa
To wash the clothing
estudiar la tarea
to study the homework
to draw
sacar la basura
to take out the trash
montar en bicicleta
to ride a bike
después de clases
after classes
antes de clases
before classes
with you
el tiempo libre
free time
tomar un refresco
to drink a soft drink