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What instruction(s) govern VAW training fundamentals?
What instruction designates day and night carrier qualification requirements?
If IDTC permits, all CVW pilot should maintain a CQ currency of how long?
12 months
Who should CVW commanders contact to arrange CQ periods?
What makes up a large portion of the Basic Training Phase?
TSTA was designed for what purpose?
To focus on shipboard unit level training.
As CVW involvement in ship evolutions increase throughout the TSTA and shall consist of what types of training?
Shipboard survival
DC training
Any other training that requires the air services.
The CVW normally participates at what levels of TSTA?
All at-sea portions of TSTA 1, 2 and 3.
How long is a TSTA 1?
7 days underway.
How long is a TSTA 2?
7 days underway.
How long is a TSTA 3?
8 days underway with a 4 day FEP.
During a TSTA 1, what are flight dect operations limited to?
Drills and air wing CQ.
When a TSTA 1 is being conducted who should participate in shipboard training?
All personnel available from the deploying air wing.
During a TSTA 2, what is emphasis placed upon?
Flight-deck operation.
During a TSTA 2, what can be done AFTER flight-deck operations are completed?
Clyclic operations and incomplete training from other areas being conducted on a "Not-to Interfere" basis.
Which TSTA are normally combined into one at-sea period?
TSTA 1 and 2.
Which TSTA allows the ship and the air wing to demonstrate the ability to conduct cyclic operations?
During a TSTA who should not be embarked?
Carrier Group 4.
Can CVW CQ be conducted during a TSTA 4?
Yes. But only if the schedule permits.
When is a TSTA normally conducted and by whom?
As part of COMPTUEX Phase 1 and only under the cognizance of the deploying battle group commander.
What circumstances warrant a TSTA 4?
During non-flying hours.
Who utilyzes a TSTA 4?
Training command/fleet replacement squadron CQ's.
During a TSTA what is the emphasis?
CVN engineering training.