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Articles of Confederation
Plan for a weak central government and a loose union of the states under the authority of Congress
Northwest Ordinance
Law that created a new territory north of the Ohio river and east of the Mississippi. Guaranteed cetain rights:
freedom of religion
property rights
trial by jury
no slavery
people who supported a stronger central government
Great Compromise
Plan that set up representation in Congress:
House of Representatives-population of the state
Senate-each state equal number of representatives
Three-Fifths Compromise
Every five enslaved people in a state would count as three free persons. Used to determine representation and taxes
Popular Sovereignty
Rule by the people. Government subject to the will of the people
Government is divided between the federal/national government and the state governments
Formally accuse of misconduct
Changes to the Constitution
Supporters of the Constitution
Opponents to the Constitution but accepted the need for a national government
"The Federalist"
Collection of 85 essays explaining how the Constitution worked and why it was needed