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what are the solubilites of the different vasodilators
Hydralazine is water soluble
Minoxidil is insoluble
Sodium Nitroprusside is water soluble
What is the metabolism for Hydralazine
N-acetylation with cyclization than hydroxylation, N-formylation with cyclization
what is the other form of metabolism for Hydralazine?
Oxidative loss of hydrazinyl group to 1-hydroxyl
What is necessary for Minoxidil activity?
N-Oxide, inhibit camp phosphodiesterase
what is necessary for activity of Sodium Nitroprusside?
NO group
How is Sodium Nitroprusside rapidly converted and metabolized in the liver?
-CN+R-SH to CN-S-H (Thiocyanate)
What is unstable in solution to light and why?
Sodium Nitroprusside b/c of FE+3 to FE+2