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Which artery passes forward above the interosseous membrace and distally comes to lie on the front of the tibia?
The anterior tibial artery
What is the best landmark for locating the left renal artery?
The SMA branching off of the Aorta
Which one of the following arteries normally has lower pulse amplitude than the others? Illiac artery, Aorta, Popliteal artery, or Femoral artery.
The Aorta
What structure can cause extrinsic compression of the celiac artery?
Median arcuate ligament
According to Bernouli, what is NOT true about pressure/velocity relationships?
Pressure is higher at the region of stenosis
All of the following cause vasodilation of a high-resistance bed except? Body heating, Excercise, Hyperventilation, Stenosis
What does a 75% area reduction equate to?
A 50% diameter reduction
Which one of the following is true about Primary Raynaud's: May be the first smanifestation of collagen disorder, Occurs when ischemia is caused by distal arterial spasm, Also called obstructive Raynauds Phenomenon, or Normal vasoconstriction responses are superimposed on fixed arterial obstruction
Occurs when ischemia is caused by distal arterial spasm
What is the most important differential diagnostic parameter for pseudoaneurysm?
A communication tract between the artery and the aneurysm
All of the following can apply to a high resistance signal except what? A triphasic pattern, Pulsitile, Reverse component, Continuous, or Biphasic
What complication does a patient presenting with ischemic rest pain complain of?
Foot pain when supine, relieved by standing
What category does a patient with an ABI of .65 fall into?
What technique is most often used to measure toe pressure?
All of the following conditions could cause vasculogenic impotence except what? Circumflex artery stenosis, Common iliac artery occlusion, Internal iliac artery stenosis, or Aortic occlusion
Circumflex artery stenosis
The toe pressure should be within what percentage of the ankle pressure?
What is the most common site of stenosis or occlusion of the hemodialysis access graft?
Arterial Anastomosis
For duplex ultrasonography, the criteria for determination of a 50-99% diameter reduction of the femoral artery is what?
The ratio of stenotic to prestenotic PSV greater than 2:1
Patient presents with crampy, dull abdominal pain immediately after meals. If a noninvasive vascular test is ordered, what vessel would be eveluated?
The post-prandial SMA
What are the most common complications of arteriography?
Puncture site hematoma, Pseudoaneurysm, Local artery occlusion
Ballon angiography is commonly used in all of the following arteries except which? Femoral, Popliteal, Gastrocenemius, Iliac
What is the catotid siphon?
The curve of the ICA near the take off of the opthalmic artery
How does the basilar artery differ from most arteries?
It is formed by two arteries
All of the following are characteristics of the vertebral arteries Except which? The vessels are symmetrical, They originate from the subclaivian arteries, Flow patterns demonstrate flow going into a low resistance vascualr bed, the confluence of the vessels form another artery
The vessels are symmetrica is not a characteristic
The major branches of the opthalmic artery that exit the orbit include all of the following except which? Supraorbital, Frontal, Nasal, Infraorbital
With an occluded right internal carotid artery, blood can still get to the right hemisphere by all of the following collateral pathways Except? Right ECA-Maxillary-Nasal-Middle cerebral, Right ECA-facial-nasal-opthalmic, Left ICA through CoW
Right ECA-Maxillary-Nasal-Middle cerebral
As blood flows through a stenosis, all of the following occur Except what? Flow accelerates through the stenosis, Flow remains accelerated distal to the stenosis, Turbulent flow is evident immediately past the stenosis, Laminar flow can resume downstream from stenosis
Flow does not remain accelerated distal to a stenosis
What is a symptom of a CVA stroke?
Aphasia for 72 hours
The cause of right hemispheric infarction may be what?
Right ICA occlusion
Flow in the ICA differs from flow in the ECA how?
ICA has less peripherial resistance than the ECA
What does spectral broadening usually represent?
Turbulent flow
For duplex ultrasonography, the criteria for determining 80-99% diameter reduction of the ICA include what?
PSV > 125 cm/sec and EDV > 140 cm/sec
In a carotid duplex exam, the most frequent reason for underestimating the degree of stenosis is what?
Improper placement of the sample volume
The criteria used to correctlu identify the vessels during a TCD exam include all of the following except what? The depth of the sample volume, The degree os spectral broadening, the direction of flow, or the velocity of the flow
The degree of spectral broadening
What are the acoustic windows that provide accedd to the intracranial vessels for TCD?
Transorbital, Transtemporal, Transforamenal
Which artery is not routinely visualized in TCD?
The middle cerebral artery
In a TCD exam, what is the normal direction of blood floe in the middle cerebral artery?
Of the following vessels which is not a deep vein in the lower extremity? SFA, Profunda femoris, GSV, Anterior tibial
The deep and superficial venous systems are connected at all of the following sites except? The groin: saphenofemoral junction, Distal thigh: Gastrocenmius-femoral junction, The popliteal fossa: saphenofemoral junction, the median ankle: perforators
The distal thigh: gastrocenmius junction
What is the most important function of the soleal veins in the lower extremity?
To serve as a temporary reservoir
The return of venous flow from the LE to the heart is assisted by all of the following mechanisms Except what? Venous valves, Calf muscle pump, Expiration, Inspiration
The three main risks factors for DVT include all of the following except what? Valvular incompetence, Endothelial damage, Hypercoagulability, Venous stasis
Valvular incompetence
What is the most imprcriterion for the correct identification of the deep veins?
Adjacent arteries
A CW venous doppler exam can be falsely negative for all but one of the following reasons? A partial thrombosis, A bifed system, Extrensic compression, Collateralization
Extrensic compression
What is the optimal patien position for the evaluation of DVT with duplex scanning?
Supine, knees slightly flexed and legs below heart level
Which of the following veins has valves? Jugular, IVC, Soleal veins, Common iliac veins
The Jugular veins
How does the venous Dopple signal from the arm differ from that of the leg?
Flow from the arm increases with inspiration while flow from the legs decreases, The subclavian veins may have decreased augmentation (all of the above)
Which of the following descriptions is not true for the normal portal vein? It is formed by the confluence of the splenic vein and SMV, Flow is phasic and continuous, Flow is Hepatofugal, Flow is hepatopetal
Flow is hepatofugual
In venous duplex scanning for DVT, all of the following characteristics are of diagnostic value except what? Venous reflux, Augmentation with distal compression, Wall compressability, or Echogenecity of lumen
Venous reflux
In venous duplex scanning, which of the following is the most useful in correctly iidentifying the deep veins? Depth of the vessel, Course of the vessel, Size of the vessel, or Adjacent structures?
Adjacent structures
In venous duplex scanning, acute DVT has all of the following characteristics Except what? Dilated vessel, Brightly echogenic, Poor attachment, Spongy texture
Brightly echogenic
In venous duplex scanning, some deep veins that may be difficult or impossible to access for complete compressability include all except which? Subclavian, Iliac, Common femoral in groin, or superficial femoral in the distal thigh
Common femoral in groin
In venous duplex scanning, the preferred method for evaluating vein wall compressability is what?
Gentle pressure with probe, vessel in transverse view
In sagittal view, color flow imaging displays flow within the greater saphenous vein as blue. During valsava maneuver, venous flow is displayed in red. This finding signifies what?
Valvular incompetence
The confluence of the axillary and cephalic veins forms what vessel?
The subclavian
What is the most common sequela of DVT?
Pulmonary embolism
Heparin is administered to a patient with acute venous thrombosis for the following reason?
It decreased propagation of the clot
A DVT must be siagnosed and treated to avoid all of the following complications except what? Pulmonary embolism, Congestive heart failure, Venous insufficiency, Venous hypertension
Congestive heart failure
What are the branches of the celiac axis?
Hepatic, Splenic, Gastric
Which vessel supplies 75% of blood to the liver, which vein supplies the other 25%?
Portal vein supplies 75% and Hepatic arteries 25%
What type of flow is normal portal vanous flow?
What are the 5 P's for acute arterial ischemia?
Pain, pallor, paresthesia, paralysis, pulselessness
What is the majority of arterial disease caused by?
ICA symptoms include all of the folowing except what? Paaralysis on the contralateral side, Decreased level of consciousness, Amaurosis fugax, or Ataxia?
Ataxia is a vertebrobasilar insufficiency
What are symptoms of a subclavian steal?
Ataxia, Limb paralysis, Vertigo, Syncope