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As valves become more incompetent and veins develop more reflux the venous pressure____________.
The gradient of high pressure to low pressure____________.
Venous flow under higher pressure will go __________.
The worse the venous incompetence the ________ the venous pressure will be at the_______________.
Over time an increase in venous pressure can cause...
Edema, cramps, aches, resltess legs, skin breakdown and cellullitis.
CEAP clinical classification 0 through 6. 0 isno signs of venous insufficiency and 6 is open venous ulceration. what are 1-5.
1. varicosities
2. varicose veins
3. edema
4. hyperpigmentation, dermatitis
5. healed venous ulceration
On exam the patient should stand to allow for what? You are looking for dilated and _________ veins.
The veins to fill
You must always compare both legs and be sure to __________ them for symmetry.
Klippel-Trenaunary Syndrom, please describe:
venous malformations, increased limb length, prt wine stain and unilateral.
Lipedema is characterized by:
Wagner wound scoring system is a 0 to 5 scale. 0 is pre-ulcer. 1-5 are?
1. superficial ulcer
2. full thickness ulcer
3. osteo
4. gangrene front foot
5. gagngrene mid and hind foot
What improves calf muscle pump function?
Structured exercise
Demographics of Limb Loss, describe:
50% amputees never walk again
50% alive 4 years after amp
50% amps done without angio or ABI to detect for arterial disease
It is less costly to preserve the limb than to amputate.
Neurotrophic ulcers are due to diabetic nerve damage and present...
on the bottome of foot, callours present, painless, deep infection or osteo, discrete edge with health or pale base.
_____% of diabetics get nerve damage._____% of neurotrophic ulcers that also have arterial disease.
50% and 25%