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What is another synonym for high riding jugular bulb?
Jugular bulb diverticulum.
Jugular bulb diverticulum is found in what % of the population?
High riding jugular bulb refers to the jugular bulb extending up to the level of the ____?
basal cochlear turn
Intratympanic herniation of the jugular bulb via dehiscent bone is termed?
Dehiscent jugular bulb
What is dehiscent jugular bulb?
Intratympanic herniation of the jugular bulb via dehiscent bone.
Aberrant carotid artery results from enlargement of the _____ as it anastamoses with a large ______ due to regression of the cervical ________.
inferior tympanic artery, caroticotympanic artery, ICA
Characteristic image findings for persistent stapedial artery include absence of ________ and enlarged tympanic portion of the ____ nerve.
foramem spinosum, facial (stapedial artery usually follows the course of the facial nerve)
Asymmetric jugular foramen is the most common variant and is found on the ___.
High riding jugular bulb extends up to the level of the ____.
Basal cochlear turn