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What are linking verbs (or 'being' verbs)?
These are like equal signs in a sentence. They also express being.

John is a baseball player
John = baseball player

(is, was, were, will be, etc)
What are sensory verbs?
They are linking verbs that relate to the senses. (feel, sounds, smell, looks, etc)

Her piano playing sounds bad
Her piano playing = bad
What are these words examples of?

slapped, will sleep, has shot, is going
These are action verbs. They express action, (and not being).
What is an infinitive?
An infinitive is

to + a verb

ex. to cook, to dance, etc

I, you, he, she, it

(What case are they?)
Subjective Case

me, you, him, her, it

(What case are they?)
Objective Case

my, your, his, her, its

(What case are they?)
Possessive Case
Define these 3 degrees of adjectives:

happy, happier, happiest
regular adjective, comparative, superlative
What are these words examples of:

for, by, above, over
What are these words examples of:

to the village, to her house, to his car
prepositional phrases
Define conjunction
a conjunction is a connector in a sentence and shows a relationship among ideas

and, but, for, however, because
Verb Tense:

I am , I have, I run, I swim, rolls, plays, throws, eats

(I play tennis.)
simple present
Verb Tense:

I am speaking, we are running, she is singing, i am falling

(You are watching TV.)
present progressive
Verb Tense:

I waited, I was, I had, I found, I called, I drank
(I saw a movie yesterday.)
simple past
Verb Tense:

was sleeping, were fighting, was singing, was destroying

(You were studying when she called.)
past progressive
Verb Tense:

has walked, has learned, have met, have not traveled, have spent
(I have seen that movie twenty times)
present perfect
Verb Tense:

has been studying, have been counting, have been talking, have been waiting
(What have you been doing for the last 30 minutes?)
present perfect progressive
Verb Tense:

will have eaten, will have stopped, am going to have run,
(You will have perfected your English by then.)
future perfect
Verb Tense:

will have been waiting, will have been chewing, is going to have been working
(They will have been talking for over an hour)
future perfect progressive
Verb Tense:

will fix, shall buy, i am going to leave

(You will help him later.)
simple future
Verb Tense:

had seen, had studied, had read, has sewn

(I had lost my wallet)
past perfect
Verb Tense:

had been considering, had been worrying, had been talking
(She had been working at that company for three years)
past perfect progressive
Verb Tense:

will be playing, will be joining, is going to be making

(You will be waiting for her when her plane arrives tonight.)
future progressive