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What is the word for nothing?
What is doc'tus?
The principal part from which we get our word for doctor.
What is the complete declension of the word miles?
Miles, milites, militi, militem, milite, milites, militum, militibus, milites, militibus
What is vocation ?
The word in the English language that comes from the Latin word "to call" and means what one's purpose in life or job is
What does the suffix "or" mean when added to a root word?
One who does
What is man'si?
The principal part of the word from which a word from this scripture is taken.."In my Father's house there are many mansions.."
What is the word for swiftness, speed?
What is mater, matris?
The root word that describes the state in which a man and a woman become wedded
What are the three ways to ask a question without using who, what, when, where or why?
Nonne, ne, num
What is lex, legis?
The root word that has a derivative that describes the part of our government that makes laws
What are the imperfect endings in all three persons, singular and plural?
bam, bas, bat, bamus, batis, bant
What is rex, regis?
The genitive singular of this word is the regal name of a popular game show host of "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?"
What is the phrase for "in the beginning?
in principio
What is moneo?
My fourth principal part is what the word monitor is derived from
what are the perfect endings for all three persons, singular and plural?
i, isti, it, imus, istis, erunt
What is dux?
A derivation of this word would go before the words "... of Windsor"
What are the future endings in all three persons, singular and plural
bo, bis, bit, bimus, bitis, bunt
What is video?
Pac Man
What is gladius?
Latin word that has derivatives that mean a type of flower or a person that fought during the times of the Romans
What is doc'tus?
The principal part from which we get our word for doctor.
What is latin verb for "to remember"
memoria tenere
what are two ways to say him, according to the Evangelium Secundum Ioannem?
ipsum and ipso
What is the word for "were made?"
factum sunt