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First (1)
Four Freedoms

religion, speech, press, assembly
Second (2)
Right to own guns
Third (3)
No quartering of soliders
Fourth (4th)
No search and seizure
Fifth (5th)
Rights of the accused
Sixth (6th)
Speedy trial by jury
Eighth (8th)
No excessive bail

No cruel and unusual punishment
Tenth (10th)
Powers not give to the U.S. government, or
prohibited to the states, are given to
the states (and its people)
twelfth (12th)
Members of the electoral college vote
for a person for president and one for

If either, or both, of the candidates DO NOT get a majority, the House of Representatives votes.
thirteenth (13)
abolition of slavery

(doing away with) slavery
Fourteenth (14)
Citizen Rights in State
(1) due process

(2) equal protection

(3) all men could vote

(4) Each African American man each = 1 vote

(5)can't swear to take an office and then rebel

(6)U.S. wil pay debts,but NOT FOR CONFEDERACY

(7) Bill of Rights applies to all states
Fifteenth (15th)
voting rights for everyone
Sixteenth (16th)
Congress power to ask for income taxes
Seventeenth (17th)
People elect senators
Eighteenth (18th)
PROHIBITION - can't sell liquor
Nineteenth- (19th)
Women could vote
Twentieth (20th)

Inauguration = January 20
Newly elected congressmen and presidents
take office nearer election time.
Twenty-first (21st)
Repeals 18th
Repeals = did away with
Twenty-Second (22nd)
Limits presidents term of office

2 terms OR ten years
Twenty-third (23rd)
Washington D.C. can vote in Presidential election
Gave D.C. electoral votes
Twenty-Fourth (24th)
No poll tax
Can't make people pay to vote
Twenty-fifth (25th)
Presidental succession
The order to take over the president's job if something happens to him.
Twenty-sixth (26th)
18 year olds may vote
Twenty-seventh (27th)
Congressional pay raises.
Congress cannot have pay raises until after the next election.
Seventh (7th)
When a citizen is sued for $20.00 or more, he has a right to a jury trial.
Eleventh (11th)
A citizen of one state CANNOT sue
a citizen of another state in Federal