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Justin Archangel
I think you were very brave when you gto your back brace. I would have freaked out but you were cool. Julia
Kevin Blouse
You have a great first name. It is the same as my brother's. Julia
Michael Carson
You have great ideas. I enjoyed being in lititure circle with you. Julia
Conner Doyle
You are very organized. When the bell rings to go home you are always ready. Julia
Michael Flynn
You were a very good painter for life at sea. The sunset on the flag was a very pretty color. Julia
Tyler Garrison
You are very athletic. I have seen you catch very hard passes. You seem to enjoy resses and P.E. Julia
Jack Hassler
You are very enthusiasticand funto have in lititure circle. I was impressd by your talent to scat for the chourus preformonce. Julia
Adam Hathaway
You are a great artist. Your scary bug for the book The Best Schoolyear Ever. Julia
Drew Jackson
You were a very good leader for our crew when we were at life at sea. It helped make that day a lot of fun. Julia
Joey Lederman
You are very good at tying knotts. I was impressed at how well you tyed the knotts at life at sea. Julia
Griffen McCaffrey
You are very energrtic. For colonial simulation you acted like you were excaping trouble. Julia
David Reynolds
You are very athletic. I have seen you play a good game of basketball. Julia
John Shmitz
You are a very cooperative teammate. Your help on the Rhode Island colony skit was great. Julia
Robbie Tanerowitz
Your tories are very creative. I enjoyed your "Mysterious Death" and especially lked the title "World War III with Robbie T. Julia