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capital resources
goods made b people and used to produce other goods and services
natural resources
What the colonists exported
The Stamp Act of 1765
Required the colonists to pay taxes(buy stamps) for paper documents.
Committees of Correspondence
Committees in the colonies which informed each other of important political events.
The French and Indian War
Put an end to France's power in North America
The First Charter of the Virginia Company of London
A document which gave England claim to the Ohio River Valley
Townshend Acts
Required the colonies to pay a tax of English imports such as paint,lead, paper, and tea
Treaty of Paris of 1763
An agreement which gave the English almost all of the French lands in Canada and east of the Mississippi
The English government
Why the colonists felt it was unfair that England tax them
The colonists had no representation in Parliament
Why Parliament wanted to tax the colonies
England wanted the colonies to help pay for the French and Indian War
Helped the French fight the English and colonists
manufactured goods
what the colonists imported
a highly valued barter item frequently used by the colonists as money
buying a good or service and paying for it later