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Which atypical antipsychotic is most likely to cause extra-pyramidal SE's? Which is least likely?
Reserpine is most likely b/c it's directly anti-dopamine (prevents loading in vesicles)
Clozapine is least likely b/c it's a D4 blocker (specific) HOWEVER can cause life-threatening agranulocytosis
What causes an S4??
A stiff ventricular wall = Sudden rise in EDVP caused by atrial contraction against a ventricle that has reached the limit of compliance.
What acid-base problem occurs w/ acute ASA intoxication?
First, an acute respiratory alkalosis (d/t increased respiratory drive)
Second, an additional metabolic acidosis d/t accumulation of organic acids (ASA interferes w/ TCA)
What drugs can cause focal to massive hepatic necrosis??
Liver HAVAc:
- Halothane
- Amarita phalloides
- Valproic acid
- Acetominophen
What are the live attenuated viral vaccines?
1) Smallpox
2) Yellow Fever
3) Chickenpox
4) Sabin (Polio)
5) MMR
Small Yellow Chickens in the SuMMeR
What are the killed viral vaccines?
RIP Always
1) Rabies
2) Influenza
3) Polio (Salk)
4) HAV
What are the killed Bacterial vaccines?
1) Anthrax (Bacillus)
2) Cholera (Vibrio)
3) Pertussis (Bordatella = Whooping cough)
4) Plague (Yersinia pestis)
What are Phenelzine and Selegiline and how are they different?
Both MAO Inhibitors used for atypical depression, anxiety, and hypochondriasis;
Phenelzine is non-selective; Selegiline is MAO-B
Both can cause hypertensive crisis following consumption of foods high in tyramine (cheese, wine, sausage)
What is adalimumab?
It's an anti-TNFα mab used in the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis
(also used = infliximab, etanercept)
What kinds of drug interactions does Niacin have?
- VASODILATION: can cause postural hypotension in those taking vasodilators for hypertension.
- INSULIN RESISTANCE: sometimes manifesting as acanthosis nigricans; need to increase diabetic medications
- URIC ACID: can cause increase, so patient w/ Gout should be cautious
What is Plummer Vinson syndrome?
Esophageal problem; triad:
- Dysphagia (d/t esophageal webs)
- Glossitis
- Fe-deficiency anemia
What dz is a/w fatigue, dysphagia, and koilonychia (spoon nails)?
Iron deficiency anemia
What is Diphenoxylate?
An opiate used to tx diarrhea (slows motility)
- paired w/ atropine = LOMOTIL
- atropine SE's (dry mouth, blurry vision, nausea) prevent abuse of the opiate (high doses give euphoria and dependence)
What causes progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy?
JC Virus (Papova family)
in immunocompromised → progressive loss of mental fx
What causes subacute sclerosing panencephalitis?
Measles (paramyxovirus; helical, enveloped, RNA)
- certain type of measles that doesn't have the M-protein antigen
What is the most specific sign of Left Heart Failure?