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What is the Civil Engineer's Mission?
Provide, operate, maintain, restore, and protect the installations, infrastructure, facilities, housing, and environment necessary to support air and space forces having global reach and power, across the range of military operations
Purpose of CerTest
Designed to test, evaluate, and certify your knowledge of principles and procedures
Functions of the BCE
Housing (maintain family housing), Resources (Adviser for funding within CE), Engineering (oversee work accomplishment by contract), Environmental ( studies and evaluates facilities in compliance with current environmental standards), Fire Protection(Records and reports on fire incidents, injuroes, and property damage), Explosive Ordanance Disposal (Deals with explosives and UXOs), Readiness (manages th mobility of CE in wartime or contigency operations), Operations (manage all activities to identify, receive, approve, authorize, direct, and control work to be done in service)
Define and purpose of ConTest
Training in the contingency area
AFMAN 36-1208
Air Force Manual -Airman Classification - describes in detail the duties and responsibilities
OPSEC (Purpose and benefit)
Protecting various forms of information that contain intelligence of value t hostile countries
When do you use the Radio 10 Codes and what are they?
Pro-words and ten codes reduce transmission and prevent misunderstandings
What are the Airdrome Signals?
Steady green light= clear to cross. Air Only.

Steady red light = Stop. Do not move vehicle

Flashing red light- clear runway/taxiway

Flashing white light - return ti starting point

Red and green light - General warning, exercise extreme caution
What is the exposure limit for LBP (Lead Based Paint)?
Action Level - 30 micrograms per cubic foot

Permissible Exposure Limit- 50 micrograms of lead per cubic meter of air during an 8 hour work period
What is the EIAP?
Enviromental Impact Analysis Process(EIAP) manages and complies with the NEPA requirements
What are the two types of Standard Publications in the AF?
Directive or non-directive
What is a technical order and what type of order does a TO constitute?
A medium for disseminating technical information, instruction and safety procedures. A TO constitutes a military order.
What are ETLs?
means of rapidly sending information and guidance to AF engineering and services activities worldwide.
What is the AFIND2?
Numerical Index of Standard and recurring Air Force Publications
What is AFIND9?
Numerical Index of Departmental Forms