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What tribe related to the Swedes came to Novgorod to defend its Slavonic inhabitants against the Turkic hordes?
The Rus
What year did the Slavonic tribe, the Rus, establish its civilization?
Who was the Ruler of Kiev who introduced Byzantine Christianity?
What year did Vladimir, the Ruler of Kiev, introduce Byzantine Christianity?
Who was the military hero and saint who made Moscow the center of Russian affairs?
Alexander Nevski
Who was the first Romanov czar?
Who established the tsardom in 1547?
Ivan the Terrible
In 1597, who created the law that forbade peasant laborers to leave landowners' estates?
Boris Godunov
What were the years of the Romanov dynasty?
The expansion and westernization of Russia took place from 1689 to 1725 under what czar?
Peter the Great
Who invaded Russia in 1812?
What happened in 1812 after the Battle of Borodino?
Moscow surrendered to Napolean.
What major event happened in 1854?
Crimean War. France and England supported Turkey against Russia's attack.
What did Czar Alexander II do in 1861?
freed the serfs
What major event happned in 1904?
Russo-Japanese War
The Revolution of St. Petersburg soviets (councils) took place in 1905. What happened on January 9 of that year?
Father Gapon led thousands of unarmed Russian workers to the Winter Palace. Troops fired on the crowd, killing hundreds.
What happened between 1914 and 1918?
World War I. Germany declared war against Russia and defeated the Russian army. The Bolsheviks signed a peace treaty in 1918.
What major events took place in March, 1917?
The Russian Revolution. The overthrow of the Czar. The establishment of a democratic provisional government.
What major events took place in November, 1917?
The Bolshevik Revolution. The overthrow of the constitutionalized Kerenski government. The beginning of Civil War.
What major event took place in 1922?
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was established, including the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic and the Ukrainian, Byelorussian (White Russian) and Transcaucasian Soviet Socialist Republics.
In 1924 what country became the first to recognize the Soviet government and establish diplomatic relations with it?
Great Britain