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si/sx of a nasal polyp
nasal congestion, altered taste sensation, altered sense of smell, postnasal drip
who gets angiofibromas of the nasal cavity?
adolescent males
what type of electrolyte abnormality do pts with subarachnoid hemorrhage commonly get?
hyponatremia--"cerebral salt wasting syndrome" They get an inappropriate secretion of ADH, and increased in BNP,
what type of anemia do sickle cell pts have?
hemolytic anemia!!!
most common side effect of inhaled corticosteroids?
thrush, also dysphonia
usual presentation of Meckel's diverticulum
painless rectal bleeding in a 2 year old
usual presentation of intussusception
in a 2 year old, current jelly stools, abd pain, sausage like mass in the belly.
when should you use bicarb to treat metabolic acidosis?
only if pH is less than 7.2, otherwise, hydrate and observe
imaging of choice in suspected osteomyelitis?
what is MGUS?
monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance, pts have isolated elevation of an immunoglobulin, but on bone marrow exam, they show less than 10% plasma cells.
when do you do nasotracheal intubation
i'm not sure, looks like never because pt has to be breathing in order to get it
when do you do needle cricothyroidotomy
in children, needles aren't big enough for adults--it will make them retain CO2, which is bad in head trauma pts.
what do you do if you need a long term airway
tracheostomy. If pt has a cricothyroidectomy already, it needs to be convereted to a tracheostomy in 5-7 days to avoid tracheal steonsis.
your pt is apneic and has head and neck injuries, what do you do?
oratracheal intubation, benefits outweigh risks
bug in tinea versicolor
malessezzia furfur
tx of tinea versicolor
selenium sulfide shampoo, ketoconazole shampoo, tell pts that it takes a long time for pigment to come back
how do you treat angina in aortic stenosis pts?
NOT nitroglycerine!!! it reduces LV output
most common cause of a white pupillary reflex in a child
congenital cataract. Apparently these can show up later in life, don't have to be present at birth
si/sx of drug induced nephritis
arthralgias, rash, renal failure, UA shows eosinophilia.
what drugs cause drug induced nephritis?
NSAIDS, cephalosporins, penicillins, rifampin, phenytoin, allopurinol
what is that infection called with group A strep, red inflamed patch on face
bugs in puerperal endometritis
most common cause of puerperal fever in the 2nd-3rd postpartum day?