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Is it true that when you ask a patient about suicide you are provoking their interest?
NO. this is completely a false belief.
How do you ask questions about suicide?
1) suicide ideation
2) intent
3) plan

When do pat. that have a previous suicide attempt will try to committ suicide again?
within 3 months of 1st attempt
What is suicidal behavior?
they go to the doctor
Dr. doesn't find depression
What are the risk factors for suicide?
- previous attempts
- hopelessness
- illness (medical or psychiatric) HIV/Cancer/dialysis
- Drug abuse
What is the MCC of death for adolescents?
motor vehicle accidents

they believe they are not accidents but suicide attempts
after drinking alcohol
What sex is more predominant for suicide successful attempts?

men more likely to
What sex has more attempts of suicide?

because they are less successfull
What is the #1 method of death for suicide men/women?