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Drug that causes Crystal induced nephropathy?
Indinavir S/E
What drug causes pancreatitis?
S/E of Didanosine
Hypersensitivity Sx?
What drug causes lactic acidosis?
S/E of NRTIs
What other S/E does NRTI's produce?
Steven-Johnson Sx
What anti-retroviral Drug causes liver failure?
Nevirapine S/E
What are the indications of Chest Tube?
fluid must be
1) pH <7.2
2) glucose <60
What drug worsens hypothermia?
like fluphenazine

you get the flu... think about it
In what condition is the Rx of Raloxifene contraindicated?
increases risk for DVT

causes thromboembolism
Old patient w/ pneumonia, dry cough, abdominal pain, confusion, hypoNa+ is what disease?
Rx for Legionella?
What is the Rx for beta-blocker toxicity?
S/E for all anti-thyroid drugs?
What is the S/E of propylthiouracil?
What electrolyte causes increase in DTR?
What electrolyte causes decrease in DTR?
WHat are the 5 causes of T-wave inversions?
1) MI
2) Old pericarditis
3) myocarditis
4) myocardial contusion
5) Digoxin Toxicity
What presents w/ renal failure, livedo reticularis, systemic eosinophilia, decrease complement leves (C3)?
Cholesterol Embolism
What is the Rx for CML?
Imatinib mesylate
What is imatinib?
a tyrosine kinase inhibitor
DOC for Hairy Cell Leukemia?

Clad to get rid of the hair
Pat. w/ Progessive Dementia, myoclonus, sharp triphasic EEG?
Prion infection
Crutzfeld-Jakobs Dz
Pregnancy + Arrythmia?
Think hyperthyroidism
Tremor, increase wakefulness, loose stools, high-pitched hypertonicity... what recreational drug is involved?
Heroin Withdrawal?
When does methadone withdrawal present?
2-6 wks. after delivery
What are the effects of Cocaine in pregnancy?
Abruptio Placenta +
Preterm labor
What drug was taken during pregnancy if the baby presents w/ irritability, hiccups, increase apetite, reegurgitation, sweating
Phenobarbital withdrawal
How long does phenobarbital withdrawal last?
up to 4 months
At what age do babies parallel play?
24 mo.
At what age can they build 2 block towers?
15 mo.
At what age can they play w/ other children?
18 mo.
At what age does stranger anxiety present?
6 mo.
At what age do they roll from front to back?
4 mo.
Rx to prevent variceal bleeding?
non-selective Beta-Blocker

BB = no bleed bleed
WHat are the Tx for SIADH?
mild, mod and severe?
Mild (Na+120-13) = Fluid Retention
Mod (Na+110-120) = Loops + Normal Saline
if symptoms then it's
Severe = Hypertonic Saline