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Tx for prolactinoma?
What is Bromocriptine?
dopamine analogue
What does dopamine do to prolactin?
inhibits prolactin
What inhibits prolactin?
What drugs enhance ADH?
What happens in SiADH?
you secrete too much ADH
so you retain water

-Si (yes) to ADH
lot's of ADH
What happens in DI?
- you pee a lot
- just like in diabetes (polyuria)
Tx of SiADH?
Why does it make sense to Tx SiADH w/ demeclocycline?
Because it causes DI which is the opposite of SiADH
What is the best Tx of SiADH?
Restrict Water
MCC death for acromegaly patients? (GH excess)
Heart Failure
What causes all the changes in acromegaly?
Where is IGF-1 secreted?
How do bones grow in acromegaly?
lateral growth (not linear)
What is the MC lab result in patients w/ GH excess?
What are other causes of prolactinemia besides prolactinoma?
1) O.C.'s
2) hydralazine
3) H2 Blockers
4) 1ry hypothyroidism
Is it a normal finding to see galactorrhea in a newborn girl?
Yes, due to maternal estrogen
What cancer is associated with SiADH?
Small Cell CA of the lung
How is the Urinary OSM in SiADH?
How is the plasma OSM in SiADH?
What drug causes aplastic anemia?
thyroid related drug
What diseases infection causes aplastic anemia?
Hepatitis C
Aplasia of RBC, what virus?
What other cause of aplastic anemia?
What drug is used to decrease vaso-oclussive crisis?
Hydroxy urea
MC organism to cause osteomyeltitis in Sickle Cell?
G6PD is what inheritance?
X-linked recessive
Lesch-Nyhann Sx is what inheritance?
X-linked recessive
What two drugs used for HT for pregnancy?
1) Hydralazine, Methyl-Dopa
Hydralazine causes?
SLE-lupus like
Drug-induced lupus
Patient on Penicillin and develops rash, HS type?
Hyerpsensitivity Type I
Pat. on Penicillin and develops hemolytic anemia, HS type?
Hypersensitivity Type II
What is the MCC of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia?
Family w/ Autoimmune Dz: Best Screening Test
HLA Relationships
What 2 drugs induce hemolysis w/ G6PD?
1) Primaquine
2) Dapsone
What is the tx for Lead poisoning?
What enzymes are irreversibly inhibited by Lead?
1) Ferrochelatase
2) ALA dehydrase
What accumulates in Lead Poisoning?
1) Protoporphyrin IX
2) dela-ALA (acid)
What are the three causes of sideroblastic anemia?
1) Alcoholism (MC)
2) Pyridoxine (B6)def.
3) Lead (Pb) poisoning
What enzyme does vit. B6 deficiency inhibit?
ALA synthase
What are the physical diagnostic findings of Lead poisoning?
Abdominal Pain Colic
Encephalopathy (accumul. of toxic ALA acid)
Cerebral Edema
Growth Retardation (lead deposits in epiphysis)
demyelination (ALA Acid damage)
Peripheral Neuropathy
foot drop, wrist drop, claw hand
Lead line on gums
What does Lead (Pb) cause at Renal level?
nephrotoxic to proximal tubules
Fanconi Syndrome (Acidosis, loss of HCO3)
Why does Lead cause gout?
decreases renal excretionn of uric acid
because of renal toxicity and increase in ALA acid filtration
What type of anemia does Pb cause?
microcytic anemia
Causes Iron Overload
increased serum Iron,% Saturation, ferritin
Decreased TIBC
Tx for Lead (Pb) poisoning?

Sucks the Lead away from your body!
What drug is used to decrease vaso-oclussive crisis?
Hydroxy urea
What are two X-linked recessive?
Lesch-Nyhan Sx
What is characteristic of Lesch-Nyhan Sx?
purine metabolism
metally retarded
self mutilation
increase in uric acid
HGPRT deficient
What is the co-factor vitamine in G6PD?
B2 Riboflavin
What co-factor/trace element needed in G6PD?
Selenium (Se)
What 2 drugs induce hemolysis w/ G6PD?
1) Primaquine
2) Dapsone
What is the MCC of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia?
Warm IgG Lupus