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Where is HMG CoA Synthase seen?

Acetyl CoA ----> HMG CoA
What is involved in ketogenolysis (extrahepatic)?
Hydroxybutyrate ----> Acetoacetate ---> Acetoacetyl CoA ----> Acetyl CoA ----> Citric Acid Cycle
What is perceived as fruity odor?
Acetone in the blood

Seen in prolonged fasting
What amino acid is used in starvation?
How long does glycogen storages last when you are fasting?
24 hours
When does protein degradation start?
after 12-24 hours
How many days does it take for fat to become the predominant source of glucose?
1 week is the breaking point
When is the highest fat source for glucose? Week? When are ketones at the highest level?
After the 3rd week