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osteopetrosis (Albers Schonberg Disease) symptoms
hereditary diseases with impaired osteoclast activity --> decreased bone resorption; bones thick and brittle; anemia secondary to marrow loss; cranial nerve deficits due to narrowing of bony ostea; AR version death in childhood; AD version benign into adulthood
DNA sequences that jump from bacterium to bacterium via plasmids
How do you differentiate radiation therapy-induced necrosis from ischemic necrosis?
Ionizing radiation involves randomly scattered geographic areas; ischemic necrosis favors central regions of neoplastic foci
what's deficient in chronic granulomatous disease?
neutrophil cytochrome B
PGE1 agonist that decreases gastric acid secretion and promotes bicarbonate and mucus production
Dopamine antagonist used as a prokinetic and antiemetic agent
How do you differentiate ITP from microangiopathic hemolytic anemia and TTP?
MHA and TTP will display fragmented red blood cells
Causes of hypoventilation of peripheral origin
phrenic nerve paralysis, suffocation, submersion, poliomyelitis, tetanis, Pickwickian syndrome, chest trauma (steering wheel injury)
causes of hypoventilation of central origin
barbiturates, morphine
Causes of decreased diffusion capacity
thickened B/G barrier d/t diffuse interstitial fibrosis, sarcoidosis, asbestosis, hyaline membrane disease; decreased SA of B/G barrier (pneumonectomy, emphysema); less Hgb available (anemia, pulmonary embolism)
What does a positive HBsAg test indicate?
chronic carrier or active infection; if it was negative, but anti HBcAg IGM was present, it correlates with clearance of HBsAg
When do multinucleated giant cells appear?
originate from histiocytes and participate in inflamm rxn to pathogenic stimuli; e.g. granulomas (Tb, fungal infxn), lung injury, sarcoidosis, focal necrosis of fat
most common primary cardiac tumor of adults
atrial myxoma - single lesion in LA that may intermittently obstruct the mitral valve; composed of scattered mesenchymal cellsin a prominent myxoid background
most common primary cardiac tumor of children
rhabdomyoma - densley packed, striated muscle tissue
Name the foramen of the ventricles within the brain
Foramina of Monroe: connects lateral ventricles to 3rd ventricle
Aqueduct of Sylvius: connects 3rd and 4th ventricles
Foramina of Luschka and Magendie drain the 4th ventricle
What acts as a negative allosteric regulator of phosphofructokinase I?
What acts as a potent allosteric activator of phosphofructokinaseI?
where do the lymphatics of the lower limb drain?
most drain into the superficial inguinal lymph nodes, except for the lateral aspect of the dorsum of the foot --> popliteal fossa
Presentation: recurrent pulmonary infections, bronchiectasis, inability to conceive due to impaired sperm motility
Kartagener Syndrome (AR disorder) with mutations in gene encoding Dynein (motor protein, responsible for cilia motiliy and retrograde axonal transport)
Presentation: 38 y.o. female, 1st pregnancy, uneventful until 34th week, then swelling of hands and feet; hypertension, proteinuria, elevated liver enzymes, and decreased platelets
Preeclampsia (1st event is placental ischemia). Due to abnormalities in trophoblast and alterations in the maturation of placental vessles; fails to acquire normal endothelial characteristics; placental ischemia triggers release of thromboplastic substances, increases renin synthesis, and reduces PGE levels
"Heart failure cells"
Hemosiderin-laden macrophages
Rhomboid-shaped crystals
Charcot-Leyden crystals found in allergic asthma
Encapsulated pairs of small cocci
Pneumococcal pneumonia
HLA DR3/DR4 -- increased risk for?
33-fold greater risk for developing diabetes
HLA B27/B27 -- increased risk for?
increased risk of ankylosing spondylitis and Reiters
HLA-DR2/DR2 -- risk?
HLA-DR4/DR4 -- risk?
DR2 - DECREASED risk of developing diabetes; DR4 - INCREASED risk of developing diabetes
three times the risk of developing diabetes
Complication of 2nd and 3rd trimester from ascending infectin through the vaginal canal
Chorioamnionitis (may lead to premature rupture, abortion, or labor)
Deficient activity of lysosomal acid alpha glucosidase?
S/S predominantly skeletal and cardiac muscle problems
Pompe Disease, a glycogen storage disease; glycogen accum. in all organs
Problem with metabolism of glucocerebroside?
Gaucher Disease
B Cell Markers
B19, 20, 21
T Cell Marker (general)
NK cell Marker