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Where did the Roman Catholic Popes live between 1309-1378?
When did the Hundred Years' War begin?
When did the Hundred Years' War end?
Which poet is known as the "father of humanism?"
When was Petrarch crowned poet laureate at Rome?
When was the Battle of Crecy?
Who wrote The Decameron?
Giovanni Boccaccio, an Italian poet and scholar
What is the Great Schism (Great Western Schism)?
the period in the history of the Roman Catholic Church during which rival popes cause division throughout the Catholic community
When was the Medici Bank founded?
When did Henry V of England win the Battle of Agincourt?
When was Joan of Arc burned at the stake?
When did Constantinople fall to the Ottoman Turks?
What name is given to the series of dynastic civil wars betwen the houses of Lancaster and York for the English throne?
War of the Roses
When did Columbus make his first transatlantic voyage?
Who sponsored Columbus' first voyage?
Ferdinand V and Isabella I of Spain
What was the Treaty of Tordesilla?
the treaty negotiated by King John II of Portugal with Ferdinand and Isabella, divdes the Americas between Spain and Portugal.
Which country does Charles VIII of France invade in 1494?
What year did Martin Luther nail his 95 Theses to the door of a church in Germany?
When did Cortes overthrow the Aztecs in Mexico?
Who won the Battle of Pavia (1525)?
Charles V of Spain (beat Francis I of France)
When was the Peace of Cateau-Cambresis signed?
Which war is brought to an end with the signing of the Peace of Cateau-Cambresis?
Franco-Spanish War
What is another name for the Eighty Years' War?
The Dutch Revolt
What is the Dutch Revolt?
when the Dutch begin fighting for independence from Spanish rule
Which Italian astronomer discovers the four largest satellites of Jupiter?
Which two Renaissance writers died in 1616?
Shakespeare and Cervantes
What was the Thirty Years' War?
a series of intermittent conflicts in Europe, primarily between the Habsburg-controlled Holy Roman Empire and Protestant principalities
What treaty ended the Thirty Years' War?
the Peace of Westphalia
When was the Royal Society of London founded?
When was Principia Mathematica published?
Who wrote Principia Mathematica?
Isaac Newton
Who was Leonardo Bruni?
leading humanist writer, chancellor of Florence, and translator of the works of Plato and Aristotle
Who was Baldasarre Castiglione?
Italian diplomat, courtier, and author of The Courtier, which describes the conduct of the perfect aristocratic courtier
Who was Erasmus of Rotterdam?
Dutch humanist, proponent of learning and intellectual tolerance, and author of The Praise of Folly
Who was Marsilio Ficino?
humanist philosopher and proponent of Neoplatonism during the Renaissance
Who was Niccolo Machiavelli?
statesman and author of The Prince, which describes the means by which a prince may acquire and maintain his power
Who was Pico de Mirandola?
Italian philosopher and humanist, who for many in the Renaissance represented "the ideal man" because of his physical beauty and inner harmony
Who was Sir Thomas More?
English statesman, ardent humanist, and author of Utopia, which pictures an ideal state where all is ordered for the best interest of humanity as a whole and where the evils of society, such as poverty and misery, have been eliminated
Who was Lorenzo Valla?
Italian humanist chosen by Pope Nicholas V to translate Herodotus and Thucydides into Latin
Who was the ruling family in Florence?
House of Medici
Who was the ruling family in Urbino?
House of Montefeltro and House of della Rovere
Who was the ruling family in Milan?
House of Visconti and House of Sforza
Who was the ruling family in Mantua?
House of Gonzaga
Who was the ruling family in Ferrara?
House of Este
Name the first three rulers of the Medici family.
Cosimo the Elder, Piero I (the Gouty), Lorenzo the Magnificent;
Name the last five rulers of the Medici family.
Giovanni (Pope Leo X), Giuliano, Lorenzo (Duke of Urbino), Giulio (Pope Clement VII), Ippolito;
Name the rulers from the House of Valois.
Charles VI, Charles VII, Louis XI, Charles VIII;
Name the only ruler from the Line of Orleans.
Louis XII
Name the rulers from the Line of Angouleme.
Francis I, Henry II, Francis II, Charles IX, (Catherine de Medici), Henry III;
Name the rulers from the House of Tudor.
Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, Elizabeth I;
What was the Act of Supremacy?
Act of the English Parliament that recognized Henry VIII as the "Supreme Head of the Church of England": the act was repealed in 1555 under Mary I;
What wsa the Act of Supremacy and Uniformity?
the reinstatement, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, of the original Act of Supremacy (1534), which again recognized the English monarch as the head of the Church of England, above the authority of the Pope
What was the Catholic Reformation (Counter Reformation)?
efforts in the 16th and early 17th centuries to oppose the Protestant Reformation and reform the Catholic Church;
What is conciliarism?
a reform movement in the 14th and 15th centuries that was propelled by the belief that the final authority in spiritual matters resided with the general church council, not with the Roman Catholic Pope;
What was the Council of Constance?
an ecumenical council of the Church that was charged with ending the Papal Schism resulting frojm the Avignon Papacy
What was the Council of Trent?
an ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church convened in three sessions betwee 1545 and 1563 to redefine Roman Catholic doctrine, abolish various ecclesiastical abuses, and strengthen the papacy
What was the Council of Pisa?
a rather unsuccessful council whose purpose was to mitigate the effects of the Great Schism in the Catholic Church
What is a ghibelline?
a member of the party that favored the Holy Roman emperors in medieval Italy and opponent of the pro-papal Guelfs
What was the Great Schism?
a split within the Catholic Church in 1378; ultimately resolved by the Council of Constance
What is a guelf?
in medieval Italy, a supporter of the Roman Catholic papacy and an opponent of the Ghibellines (the faction that supported the Holy Roman emperors)