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Colles Fx
FOOSH + wrist ext
possible Radial A. dmg, Median N. dmg, muscle atrophy, CRPS
Scaphoid Fx
FOOSH, radial wrist pain
possible avascular necrosis (poor blood, no periosteum)
poss DJD
poss non-union fx
DeQuervain's Tenovaginitis
Insidious Onset, 2* to overuse/poor ergonomics
MSTT - + s/pain with cmc ext and abd
Palp T - pain over tendons
Finkelstein's - +
Dupuytren's Contracture
Palmar Fascia contracture
Flexor tendon adhesions
Hereditary usually affecting 50-70 y.o. M
Benediction type deformity
Bennett's Fx
trapezium + 1st MC fx and dislocation resulting in cmc laxity
Smith Fx
FOOSH + wrist flexion
"reverse colles"
Mallet Finger
forced DIP flexion injury resulting in extensor avulsion
Kienbock's Disease
painful avascular necrosis of the lunate
Monteggia Fx
Ulnar shaft fx + Radial head dislocation
Galeazzi Fx
Distal Radius Fx + Ulnar dislocation