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Wilson's Program for World Peace. (5 points) League of Nations
1. no secret treaties
2. freedom of the seas
3. world disarmament
4. removal of all tariffs worldwide
5. the right of all nations to choose their own form of government called self-determination
Big Four
1. David George of England
2. Georges Clemenceau of France
3. Vittorio Orlando of Italy
4. Woodrow Wilson of the US
Senator Henry Cabot Lodge
Chief opponent of the League of Nations, did not like article 10, Treaty was rejected twice.
Governor Calvin Coolidge
Gained national fame for sending in the national guard to stop the action of the Boston Police strikers.
court order ordering workers back to work
Red Scare
Still under the Espionage Act. By the 1920's, the Americans became alarmed at the widespread violation of civil rights.
ie: Attorney General-A. Mitchell Palmer had his federal agents arrest radical agitators
Sacco & Vanzetti
Trial that showed how these two were victims of fear and predjudice
new KKK
against blacks, jews, catholics, foreigners, and and "un-Americans"
Volstead Act
defined an alcoholic beverage as any containing more than 1 half of 1% alcohol.
Biggest problem was controlling it.
18th Amendment Reasons
1. Anti-Saloon League was very organized from 1900-1919
2. The Women's Temprance Union was organized with people like Carrie Nation
3. US entry into WWI had the slogan, "the only good soldier is a sober soldier", including defense workers
smuggling, major problem in the US because of Prohibition.
rise of organized crime became highly proficient at the art of breaking the law by bootlegging (ie. Al Capone)
Election of 1920
first election with women voters (19th Amendment-women suffrage)

R-Warren G Harding from Ohio vs. Calvin Coolidge of Mass.
D-James Cox of Ohio vs, FDR of New York
Socialist Party-Eugene Debbs
Warren Harding
Wins election because
1. Americans blamed bad times on the Democrats
2. campaign slogan was his "return to normalcy"
Ohio Gang
group of self-seeking politicians from Ohio from Washington, given government jobs by Harding
Ohio Gang member, appointed Attorney General

investigated for protecting his friends that violated the 18th Amendment
hes of the Veteran's Bureau
investigated for taking $250 mil i bribes, resigned, went to trial, convicted and sent to jail
Albert Fall
Ohio Gang member, Sec. of the Interior, persuaded Sec. of the Navy to transfer naval oil reserves at Teapot Dome, Wyoming, and Elk Hills, Cali

lands released to private oil dealers
convicted of bribery and sentenced to one year in jail
First Pres Cab Exec to go to jail
Death Of Harding
1. Brain hemorrhage
2. Food poisoning
3. Suicide due to scandals
4. Murdered by the "ohio gang"
5. Murdered by his wife because he was having an 'affair'
Election of 1924
R- Calvin Coolidge vs. Charles Dawes
D-John Davis vs. Charles Bryan of Nebraska

Coolidge wins election
US Prosperity in 1920's
1. Production was up
2. Income was up
3. Increase in the use of credit
Washington Conference
3 Major Treaties
1. 5 Power Treaty
2. 4 Power Treaty
3. 9 Power Treaty

first successful disarment conference in US history
Kellogg-Briand Pact
Sec. of State Frank Kellogg and French Foreign Minister Aristide Briand signed a pledge outlawing war

no way to enforce the act
Sigmund Freud
famous psychologist
Clarence Darrow
defense attorney in the Scopes "Monkey" trial
Jack Dempsey
heavyweight boxer
"manasa mauler"
Sinclair Lewis
wrote "Main Street"
Charles Lindbergh
pilot, first solo flight across Atlantic
Henry Ford
Model T, first mass produced car
Louis Armstrong
king of jazz
Al Capone
chicago gangster nicknamed 'scarface'
Al Jolson
star of first talking film, "The Jazz Singer"
Charles Chaplin
famous silent film comedian
F. Scott Fitzgerald
wrote "The Side Of Paradise"
"Red" Grange
college football player
"the galloping ghost"
Babe Ruth
60 homeruns in 1927 for the NY Yankees
Ernest Hemingway
wrote "A Farewell To Arms"
wanting to be left alone to pursue prosperity, favored by Europeans
Charles Dawes
american diplomat and banker who negotaites agreement with France, Britain, Germany
Eugene Oneill
one of the most innovative playwrights, bold artistry and modern themes, realistic characters and situations
Bobby Jones
best golfer of the decade
KDKA in Pittsburg
famous radio station, learned news of elections started 400 different stations in 2 years
National Origins Act of 1924
made immigration restriction a permanent policy
young,dramatic, stylish woman
Scopes Trial
challenged the act against teaching the Devine Creation as in the Bible, found guilty and fined 100$
secret bars people flocked to to purchase alcohol
Harlem Renaissance
Result of Great migration of flowering African-Americans
Langston Hughes
Most prolific, original, versatile writers of Harlem Renaissance who became leading voice
Duke Ellington
composer, pianist, bandleader, listened to ragtime piano players
Bessie Smith
emotional singing style & commanding voice symblozing soul, "empress of the south"