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What is the Purpose of the Awards Manual?
To provide gidance and regulations concerning awards available for recognizing individuals and units in the Naval Service.
Who has the authority to estblish awards?
Awards may be established through laws by Congress, by Executive Order, or by directives issued by the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) or the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV).
Who has the authority to Apporve awards?
In general SECNAV retains awarding authority for all awards under his purview.
The Medal of Honor is approved and awarded by the (1) ______, in the name of (2) ______.
(1) President
(2) Congress
The Navy Cross, Distinguished Service Medal and the Silver Star Medal are approved and awarded by the _________.
The Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Navy and Marine Corps Medal, Bronze Star, Purple Heart Medal, Meritorious Service Medal and the Air Medal my be approved and awarded by.....
SECNAV, CNO, CMC, and their designees.
Awards are intended to recongnize Sailors and Marines who demonstrate exceptional ________, ________, or _______________.
Valor, heroism, or meritorious service.
Only _____ award will be made for the same act, achievement, or period of meritorious service for any individual or unit.
Classified Awards.... Only those recommendations involving the most sensitive operations should be forwarded as "________" documents.
T/F. A classified award recommendation must not include an unclassified proposed citation.
False: A classified award recommendation MUST include an unclassified proposed citation.
What is the size of the star for Naval personal decorations?
5/16 inch
What is the size of the star for unit, campaign, service and engagement awards?
3/16 inch
What is the size of the star worn on miniature medals?
1/8 inch
Gold stars are used for the (1) ____ through the (2) ____.
(1) 2nd
(2) 5th
Silver stars are worn in lieu of multiples (1)____ gold stars; i.e., the (2)___, (3)____, etc.
(1) five
(2) 6th
(3) 11th
The (1)_______ "E" ((2) _____ inch) is authorized for wear on the Navy "E" ribbon for the (3)______, ______, and _____.
(1) Silver (2) 3/16 inch
(3) first, second, and third awards.
For four or more awards, one ________ "E" centered on the ribbon bar is authorized.
Silver "E" (_____ inch ______) is authorized for wear on the ribbon bar fo the Navy Expert Rifleman and Expert Pistol Shot Medals.
1/4 inch block letter
(1) ______ "S" ((2) _____ inch block letter) is authorized for wear on the Navy Rifle and Pistol Marksmanship ribbon bars for personnel who qualify as Sharpshooter.
(1) Bronze
(2) 1/4 inch
The Combat Distinguishing Device is a _______ "_".
Bronze "V"
Pertinent information from the OPNAV 1650/3 is entered in the ______ ________ ________ ____ _______ (_______) databse, and transferred on a weekly basis into the Navy Personnel Command (NPC) Master Awards File.
Navy Department Awards Web Service (NDAWS)
The member's (1) ____ shall be entered in the (2)_____ ____ corner of the citation/certificate and, it shall be marked(3) "_______ _________."
(1) SSN
(2) Upper right hand corner
(3) "Privacy Sensitive"
The NDAWS Authority shall submit these citations/certificates to ____ __ for entry into the member electrontic service record.
PERS 312