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01. How many types of pay may you receive?
3. Three
02. As a Sailor, what action must you take in order to get paid?
3. Open a savings or a checking account
03. Pay you get for certain types of duty that are usually considered hazardous.
2. Incentive pay
04. The pay you get that’s based on your paygrade and length of service.
1. Basic pay
05.You are getting a selective reenlistment bonus. What type of pay are you receiving?
3. Special pay
06. What is an allowance?
1. Money used to reimburse you for expenses necessary for you to do your job
07. You are entitled to an annual clothing maintenance allowance after you have been on active duty for what length of time?
1. 12 months
08. Which of the following offices can provide you information about the types of allowances to which you’re entitled?
2. Disbursing 3. Personnel 4. Both 2 and 3 above
09. How is your housing allowance shown on the leave and earnings statement (LES)?
10. An allotment is money you have withheld from your pay and paid directly to someone else. There are how many categories of authorized allotments?
2. Five
11. What office should you notify if you think that you’re being overpaid?
2. Disbursing
12. By looking at your LES, you can find the amount of allowances you have earned.
13. Leave and liberty are times you’re authorized to spend away from work and off duty. They are combined on the LES.
14.You earn a certain number of leave days each year you serve on active duty. What is the maximum number of days of leave you can earn in a year?
3. 30
15. Regular liberty is usually granted as a 4-day period.
16. Under certain circumstances, what is the maximum number of days special liberty a CO can grant?
4. 4 days
17. Which of the following types of leave is NOT charged to your earned, annual, or excess leave account?
2. Convalescent leave
18. What form should you use to request either regular or emergency leave?
1.NAVCOMPTForm 3065
19. The safest and most convenient way for you to keep track of your money is to open a checking account.
20. Which of the following is one way you can avoid bouncing a check?
2. Balance your checkbook
21. Which of the following is/are types of voluntary allotments?
1. Life insurance payments 2. Mortgage payments 3.Payment to family members 4. All of the above
22. Which of the following is/are types of involuntary allotments?
3. Garnishment of pay
23. Which of the following is the key to money management?
1. Using a budget
24. The amount of money taken from pay for income taxes, Social Security, SGLI, and so forth.
2. Deductions
25. The money taken from gross income to pay debts to the United States.
1. Allotments
26. The money paid to a member after all deductions and allotments are paid.
4. Net income
27. Expenses that are the same each month.
3. Fixed
28. Of the following expenses, which one is a fixed expense?
2. Rent
29.You are planning a budget. What is the first thing for which you should plan?
3. Savings
30. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, approximately what percentage of your income should be budgeted for housing costs?
3. 25%
31. Credit is buying now and paying later at no extra cost.
32. What method, if any, can you use to find the total amount you will pay for a loan?
2. Subtract the price of the purchase from the total amount you will pay for the loan
33. Good credit is priceless for which of the following reasons?
2. In emergencies
34. Which of the following are principles of using credit?
1. Don’t use credit for splurging 2. Make as large a down payment as possible 3. Use credit to purchase goods that will last for a long time 4. Each of the above
35. What is the maximum life insurance coverage under the Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI) program?
3. $200,000/$400,000
36. Who is responsible for the safety, health, and well-being of your family?
37. What is the result of abusive behavior of Navy personnel?
1. Destroyed lives 2. Negative morale of the military unit 3. Bad reputation of the military in the civilian community 4. All of the above
38. What program, if any, was established to help families in distress?
2.Family Advocacy Program (FAP)
39.Victims of spouse or child abuse can report incidents directly to which of the following persons/activities?
1.FAO 2. FSC 3. Medical treatment center 4. All of the above
40. Stress happens when there is an imbalance between the demands of our lives and the means we have to deal with those demands.
41. What are the three means we can use to deal with stress?
1. Acceptance, attitude, and perspective