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NAACP was establsihed for
Gain equal rights for blacks
Were Politicians
16th Amendment
Helped establish Income Tax
17th Amendment
Helped regualr voters the most
Theodore Roosevelt helped settled what dispute?
The Mining Industry
Voting for women was not common but more likely to happen?
In the Western States
In the Election of 1812, which candidate was liked?
William H. Taft
Susan B. Anthony
She lead the women's suffrage movement
Joe Cannon
was the Speaker of the House who was forced out of office by Republican Insurgents.
What office can force elected officals out of office before there term is done?
Theodore Roosevelt
Was the first President to use the office as as bully pulpit.
The Pure Food and Drug Act helped...
Made processors of food, label their ingredients on their products.
Jungle by Upton Sinclair did what?
Showed the public what bad conditions were in the meat packing industry
Progressive Movement was for...
Creating economic reform, protecting society, and making the government more democratic.
The Federal Trade Commission
Was given power to investigate unfair bussiness prtatices and issue orders to cease and desist.
What helped Taft get defeated in 1912?
The failure to unify the republican party.
Initiative Bill
Was brought up to Congress through the petition by the voters.
Roosevelt's Stand on Trust was ...
That some trusts were bad for the public and needed to be broken up.
Laws that were passed with Theodore Roosevelt that directed at regulating businesses were
Hepburn Act, Pur Food and Drug Act, and Elkins Act.
One of the Progressivism's problems
Was it failed to bring up racism.
Were brought into Cities by City Counsils to run the cities like businesses.
The Direct Primary
Allowed voters to pick their party's candidate
What was the goal of Prohibitionists?
To stop the use to alcohol in society.
Traits of Theodore Roosevelt
Invited Booker T. Washington to the white house to help stop racism. Promised to stop bad practices in meat packing industry. Was President after McKinley was killed. Pu aside 148 million acres for the forest preserves.
Traits of William Howard Taft
Served as President for 4 years only, Lost support of progressives from his party when signed Tariff bill, Was not only President but served as Supreme court, Was picked by predessot to be President to defeat William Jennings Bryan.
Taits of Woodrow Wilson
Was considered to be half way to the bible & the dictionary, Was President when women recieved the right to vote, He owed his election b/c the republican party was sllit, He oversaw the Federal Reserve System.
Francis Willard
Was the leader of the Women's Christian Temperance movement.
Robert M. LaFollette
Governot of Wisconsin and lead the Progrssive movement.
John Mithell
Leader of the United Mine Woekres Union
Ida B. Tarbell
Exposed the bussiness works of John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company.
Frederick Winlsow Taylor
He helped the Scientific Management to bring more eggiciency in business.
Gifford Pinchot
He was the leader of the United States Forest Service
Florence Kelley
She was a leader to help get the Illinois Factory Act passed which helped rights of women & children.
*Strategies that helped win the Suffrage movement that helped win the right to vote *
Boycotted housework, Marched & Picket poster congressmen.