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What was the Truman Doctrine? When did it take place?
Who: Truman, Congress, Turkey, Greece
-March 1947
Where- US -> Great Britain, Turkey -> World

Truman gets congress to send 400 million dollars to Greece and Turkey to aid in stopping communism. "Policy of Containment." The US's role is to stop the spread of communism through the use of money, diplomacy, and military.

Sign Then: Center of U.S Foreign policy in cold war

Now: U.S Role -> Global
In spreading Freedom
Marshall Plan
Who: U.S + W. European Nations
When: 1947-1951
Where: U.S Europe

U.S's plan to help rebuild europe after the destruction of WW2 + prevent communism from spreading. Provided 15 billion dollars in grants and loans. Saved capitalism in estern europe.

Sign Then: Divded the europe into west(capitalists) and east(communists)

Today: Puts foreward and expectation for u.s to help for reconstruction post conflict.
What is the Battle of the Bulge?
The battle of the bulge is when like a guy is fighting not to get a boner, cause then there would be like a bulge in his pants. And that's embarassing. Hence, the Battle of the Bulge.
What is the Battle of Midway?
Japanese Admiral Yanamotu Isoroku, the man who crafted the battle at pearl harbor, attempted to destroy what was left of the U.S's pacific fleet. The battle began June 4, 1942. The japanese attacked midway island. American carriers suprised japanese carriers, and they were able to destroy 4 out of four of the japanese carriers. One of which was the Hiryu. Americans also destroyed 250 planes, and killed most of japans skilled naval pilots.. commander Joseph Rochenfort broke the japanese code which leaked curcial infortmation to the americans before the attack happened. After the battle of midway, the japanese were unable to launch any offensive attacks.
What is the Battle of Iwo Jima?
Who: U.S and Japanese
Where: Iwo Jima
When: November 1944
What: Americans bombed the hell out of a small island by the name of Iwo Jima. It was made up of lots of volcanic rock and had many caves the Japanese could hide in. For 74 days straight Iwo Jima was hit with more then 7,000 tons of bombs and 20,000 shells. In February 1945 marines stormed the beaches. 110,000 american soldiers fought against 25,000 japanese soldiers. It took a month to win. Only 216 japanese surrendered. 27 Medals of honor were awarded.
What is the Korean War?
When: 1950-1953
Where: Korea
Who: U.S.A, North Korea, South Korea, China, U.N
What: Korea was divided into the north and south. North was communist and the south was capitalist. U.S and the U.N pushed North Korea back. 300,000 Chinese volunteers pushed the U.N back south.
Outcome: Cease fire declared. 1.5 million Korean dead
-34,000 U.S dead

Sign: limited Victory
High cost for U.S
-Cost of Containment
-Set up Vietnam war
Now: Active arena of dispute in N. Korea
Nuclear Tension