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The textile mill owners of early 19th cenury America hired mainly femail workers b/c
women worked for lower wages
the ealiest AMER textile mills, like those set up by Samuel Slater were powered by
who invented the reaper
cyrus McCormick
union organized by a group of radical unionists and socialists
Industrial workers of the World (IWW)
the goal of interstacte Commerce act
lower excessive RR rates
what was social Darwinism against
gov regulation
was not successfully enforced against big business
shirman antitrust act
workers to replace those who striked
what made it possible to create sky scrappers
the invention of the elevator
what caused the creation of standardized time
holding companies and trusts functioned to reduce
government troops were used to
break strikes
decreased the amt of chinese in AMERICA
chinese exclusion act
setllement houses were founded by
social reformers
NYC political machine
Tammany Hall
an example of patronage
appointing a friend to political position
who was considered an ally of the pollitical machine
urban lower class
an immigrant who went to ellis island was least likelyt to come from
southern states used the grandfather clause to allow them to
keep AA from voting while whites could do so
children attending schools were not likely to
go on to college
racial seg in public accommodations was legal if they were equal ruled in what case
plessy vs ferguson
In order for congress to pass a bill, each house must pass the bill by..
2/3 majority
how long is a federal judge in office