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Cattle Drives
A method used by ranchers in order to make money by using the railroad
Useful invention by Joseph Glidden that helped ranchers control their cattle
Dawes Act
Encouraged Americanization of Native Americans by making them private land owners
Buffalo Soliders
African Americans who were members of the US Army during the Indian wars
Most important invention of the west that increased the area that could be used for agriculture
Battle of Little Bighorn
1876 US Army defeat at the hands of the Lakota Sioux
Wounded Knee Massacre
Event in South Dakota that was ultimately the final engagement between US forces and Plains Indians
William Jennings Bryan
Populist leader who was Democratic representative in the election of 1896. Also gave the "Cross of Gold" speech
Homestead Act
1862 move by the US Congress to give 160 acres of "free" land to farmers who wanted to go to the West
Morill Land Grant Act
Move by US Congress to award land for the creation of schools that focused on agriculture and mechanic arts
Oklahoma Land Rush
Massive movement to move Western to a particular region that had "unassigned lands"
Comstock Lode
Discovery of silver in the Carson River area of Nevada
the belief that gold or silver should be used to back up government money
Interstate Commerce Act
The first time the federal government regulates and industry in US history
Refrigerator Car
Railroad invention that would help transport perishable goods over long distances
Transcontinental Railroad
Completed in Promontory, Utah in 1869, this connected the two coasts together through quick transportation
Sitting Bull
Leader of the Lakota Sioux who was involved in the Battle of Little Bighorn
Sand Creek Massacre
1864 event in which roughly 150 Cheyenne were killed, leaving the US public outraged
Vertical Intergration
Owning all means of production for a certain product
Horizontal Intergration
Similiar firms merging together