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Glorious Revolution
p. 35
Replacement of James II by William and Mary as English monarchs in 1688, marking the geginning of constitutional monarchy in Britain. American colonists celebrated this moment as a victory for the rule of law over despotism
Joint-stock Company
pg. 35
Business enterprise that enabled investors to pool money for commerical trading activity and funding for sustaining colonies
Headright system
pg. 39
system of land distribution in which settlers were granted a fifty-acre plot of land fro the colonial government for each servant or dependent they transported to the New World. The system encouraged the recruitment of a large servile labor force
pg. 106
Philosophical and intellectual movement that began in Europe during the eighteenth century. IT stressed the application of reason to solve social an scientific problems.
Great awakening
pg. 110
Widespread evangelical religious revival movement of the mid-17oos. The movement divided congregations and weakened the authority of established churches in the colonies
Indentured servants
39, 71
Individuals who agreed to serve a master for a set number of years in exchange for cost of boat transportation to America. Indentured servitude was the dominant form of labor in the Chesapeake colonies before slavery
Mayflower compact
agreement among the Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower in 1620 to create a civil government at Plymouth Colony
members of a radical religious group, formally known as the Society of Friends, that rejected formal theology and stressed each person's "inner light," a spiritual guide to righteousness
In the 18th century, the edge of settlement extending from western Penn to Georgia. This region formed the second fromtier as settlers moved westward from the Atlantic coast into the nation's interior
Treaty of Paris
signed by the US and Spain in December 1898, this treaty ended the Spanish-American wa. Under its terms, Spain recognized Cuba's independence and assumed the Cuban debt; it also ceded Puerto Rico and Guam to the US.