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John Adams
had to deal with the detereoration of realtions with France. Ex. XYZ Affair and Quasi War.
Attorney succesfully defended british soliders in boston masacre
Alien and Sedation acts
Four Acts passed in 1798 designed to curb criticism of federal government. Gave the president the power to deport dangerous aliens and provided for the procescution of those who wrote "false,scandalous and malicious" writing against U.S. Gov. Aimed to help Federalists
American Federation of labor
A confederation of Labor unions founded in 1886, it was composed mainly of skilled craft unions. Founded by John L. Lewis
American System (Henry Clay)
program for the national economy, included a protective tarrif, a national bank, and federally funded internal improvements
Anaconda Plan
military strategy of the north durring the civil war. General Winfield Scott designed it.
Opponents of the constitution. Believed in a weak central government and giving power to the people.
Bank of the United states
central bank chartered in 1791 proposed by hamilton, charter expired in 1811. A second bank was created in 1816 and then vetoed by jackson.
bay of pigs
plan to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro and liberate Cuba with a trained military force of political exiles. Failed.
Big Stick Diplomacy
Theodore Roosevelt's foreign policy, based on a proverb. Advocated the threat of force to achieve United States' goals, especially in the western hemesphere.
Bill of Rights
First 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, protects citizens rights from the powers of the national government
Black Codes (Jim Crowe Laws)
laws passed by southern state legislatures durring reconstruction, while congress was out of session. Limited rights of former slaves, and led to the ratification of the 14th amendments.
Black Power
A rallying cry for more militant blacks advocated by young leaders like Strokely Carmichael and H. Rap Brown. Called f9or African Americans to form their own economic,political, and cultuiral institutions.
Bonus Army
Group of unemployed WWI Veterans who marches on Washington D.C.asking for immediate payment of their war pensions.
Brown v. Board
oversturned the "seperate but equal" doctrine
Aaron Burr
Thomas Jefferson's First Vice president. Shot Hamilton. Tried but not convicted of treason.