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Whiskey Rebellion
tax on wiskey = PA uprising but supressed by GW
Battle of Yorktown
Ended revolution as cornwallis surrenders
bill of rights
added to constitution because FEDS fearede central gv had too much control & people didnt have personal freedoms
Thomas Paine & Common Sense
pamphlet helped change war out look; anger towards english const. which let king govern poorly;argued americans should break away from this form of government
Actual Representation
belief that each community was entitled to represenatives in the actual parliment and were elected by people
Virtual Representation
didnt deserve actual person but thoughts kept in mind
representation battle
diffrence in opinion of ovr representatiion between englsih and colonies. english wanted ultimante authority.
powers of articles of confederation
power to conduct wars and foreign relations and borrw / issue $$$ . troops and taxes --> formal request
women in colonies
small,homelife,male centered homes
great awakening
1730s-40s- appealed to women and idea to break away from past constraints and start new reloationship w. god starting NEW LIFE
monroe doctrine
1823- delcared foreign challange to sovreinity of existing US nations would be UNFRIENDLY act
War Hawks & before war in 1812
represenatives from both parties who wanted to fight with britain
may flower compact
document had 41 saints sign it saying it established civil government loyoal to the king in plymouth
Great compromise
met and resolved difficult conflicts of representation with slaves counting as 3/4 a person. also said upper house each state will get 2 reps. also that congress would be forbidden to impose more than $10 a head on imported slaves
shays rebellion
1786 year before constitution created. people in mass taxed a huge amouint by state goov in order to pay off debt. convinced america that they needed better gov
federalist papers
series of essays publuished in newspapers that supported creation of constitution. franklin & washington supported
boston tea party
dressed up as indians in 1773 and dumped all the tea on englsih ships into bay bc they closed the port of boston
effects of french indian war
us gained territory and left england in debt and when they taxed us to helop pay some of it caused revo
huge crop in jamestown
war of 1812: CAUSES :
british and french attacking US ships- chesapeak leopard indicdent- indians & british- purchase of FL
Bank of USA
hamilton plan to issue bonds!
missouri compromise
allowing main to be admitted to IS as slave state and MI was free state an prohibited slavery in LOU. purchase
impact of American REVO on WOMEN and AFRICAN SLAVES
spread iideas of equality and slave freedoms
stamp act
colonist boycott riots mobs opposed taxes and considered act imposing their rights
election 1824
john quicncy adams versus jackson. Jackson had more votes but JQA won and was set up ..corrupt bargain
northwest oridance
organized territories , grids, land divided up in sqs, outlaw of slaves
hamiltons plan
wanted to rid of countries debt by creating bonds and national nank = more debt = wanted commecerical country. independant commercial econ
british supporters
3/4 compromise
amount slaves = as they determiuned population / taxation per state
alien act
federalists set up

placed obsiticales in way of foreigners
sedition act
federalist setyp

allowed gov to prosecute tho9se who engaged in government treason
british acts ----> american revolution
taxing colonists

xyz affiar
americans sent commision to france but french wanted $$ americans became offended and peaced out
feds versus anti feds
feds su7pported constitution and anti believe that it was going to make another "england " like country
Origins of Slaves in NAmerica
1. indians too weak or ram away
2. laborers needed for labor intensives like tobacco rice indigo
3. racism bc whites couldnt enslave eachother
purify english church by reforming it , moved to US to create perfect church society
salutary neglect
massachusetts - english didnt enforce strict law or regulations towards the colonies before french indian war
revolution of 1800
shift of power to republicans
looking for gold , didnt find it , tobacco kept JTN alive
salem witch trials
occred in mass - beginings of social trends killed witches etc
french indian war
war between the french and eng. english won and gained territorty causing eng in debt so they taxed colonists
jueffersons dilemma overLA purchase
const didnt talk about purchasing land

british and french attaking US so embargo stopped american ships from entering foreign port
marbury versus madison
right before adams left office as preseident apptd marbury as judge and papers didnt go thru bc maddison left and didnt deliver them. said he had right to commision and Supreme court agreed with him but they had no power to make madison give them
hartford convention
federalists wanted to add 7 amenments to constitution to protect new england from growing influence from S and Wst. however news of countries success in New Orleans was heard their ideas were obslete
proclomation 1763
law said colonists could NOT move west pst app mtns due to natives conflcition
ethnioc groups
english german scots irish dutch albany africans
VA & KY rebellions
republicans created & started law saying states had rights to nullify acts of congress , response to alien and sedition acts
LA purchase
doubled size of USA,land purchase = not in constitution
effects of 1812 war
repub ideas changed , federalist pary died, people feelin good, gain of FL
treaty of ghent
end war 1812 treaty said we had to restore native lands in america but it didnt happen
lex & concord
started revo
state const during revo elimination of gov
reduced power inh fear of centralized gov