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Thomas Hart Benton
Missouri senator, exansionist, wanted to stand up to Britain over terrirory issue
Andrew Jackson
ignored the Supreme Court's protection of the southeast Indian tribes
Martin Van Buren
New Yorker, president, architect of Independent Treasury Bill
Wotcester v. Georgia
Supreem Court ruled that Georgia law could not be forced in the Cherokee Nation
John Q. Adams
lost the 1828 election
John Tyler
first vice-president to become president when president died
Webster-Ashburton Treaty
established boundary of Maine (between Us and Britain); Us gained more land (including iron ore in MN), Britain gained Halifax/Quebec route
William H. Harrison
first president to die while in office
Specie Circular
Decree that required all public lands to be purchased with "hard" or metallic money
John Slidell
sent to Mexico City to offer $ 25 million for California and territory to the east
"pet banks"
banks which jackson deposited federal money, these were his chief weapon in his struggle with the US Bank
Stephen F. Austin
Granted land tract by Mexico to bring in settlers of the Roman Cathlic faith
John C. Fremont
helped overthrow Mexican rule in California
Robert Hayne
South Carolina senator who sought to safeguard minority intrests in the South in a debate with Webster
Sam HOuston
former Tennesse governor; tragic marriage, alcogolism, living with Indians, Texas commander-in-chief
Zachary Taylor
Winfield Scott
the two American generals who led the main invasion forces in Mexico
Maysville Road Bill
vetoed by Jackson, would have provided funds for internal improvements
Kit Carson
guide who accompanied Fremont, showed Kearny the way from Santa Fe to CA
James Beckwith
born a slave(white father, mulatto mother),freed in 1810; mountain man in VA ;(Beckwourth)amoung the Crow indians in the West;member of Gan. Kearney's forces in CA
rotation in office
let as many people as possible hold office; cycle regular citizens in and out of government jobs
James G. Birney
Kentuky anti-slavery leader; persidential canidate of Liberty party in 1840, free soil (keep slavery out of territories) platform
Maine Law of 1851
first to ban the manufaturing and sale of alcoholic beverages
Benjamin Henry Latrobe
British born; first professional architect in US (classical revival style); completed the Capitol building in Washington,DC; cathedral in Baltimore
Daniel Webster
Henry Clay
two able and experiances leaders if the Whigs who had hoped to govern through a weak president 1814- 1845
"tyranny of the majority"
term used by de Tocqueville in Democracy in America which described why, although individuals have legal freedom in america democacy, there is great pressure for them to conform
John Jacob Astro
fur trader and real-estate speculator millionare
Mary Lyon
raised money to launch a "Female Seminary", now Mount Holyoke College
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
left "obey" out of her marriage ceremony; advocated women suffrage
Hannah Forsham Lee
woman author who wrote on living within one's income (Three Experiances in Living) in response to 1837 economic panic
John James Audubon
wrote Birds of America
Margaret Fuller
edited a trancendentalist journal, The Dial
Dorthea Dix
opposed prisons for confinement of the insane
Lucretia Mott
Quaker, women delagates to London anit-slavery conference not recognized
Angelina Grimke
Sarah Grimke
sisters who spoke at anti-slavery gatherings
James Fenimore Cooper
wrote of the rugged individual; hero- Natty Bumpo
Charlotte Cushman
most talented actress of the 1800
Washington Irving
wrote Knickerbocker's History of New York
Edgar Allen Poe
excelled in horror short story
Henry David Thoreau
wrote Walden
Ralph Waldo Emerson
said "Europe streches to the Alleghenies, America lies beyond" Transcendentalist
John C. Calhoun
as vice-president under Jackson, had changed from a nationalist to a Southern sectionalist
James K.Polk
first dark horse canidate to be nominated for the presidentcy
Peggey Eaton
daughter of the Washington boardinghouse keeper who married Secretary of War under Jackson