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John D. Rockefeller
-Standard Oil Company 1870
- Gave away 500 million $ to charity.
-Founded University of Chicago
-Founded Rockefeller foundation:" Public Health, Arts, Social research
Andrew Carnegie
What?: Carnegie steel company 1889
- $350 million to public libraries and education.
Upton Sinclair
- Wrote the Jungle
- Showed people the truth about the meat packing facilities.
- Helped create
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt
Twenty-Sixth President of the United States, 1901-1909; fought trusts, aided Progressive reforms, built panama canal, and increased United States influence overseas. Supported John Muir, and loved the outdoors.
Ida Tarbell
- Investigative journalist for people like rockefeller
Jabob Riis
Who: Photographer: How the other half lives.
Police shocked people by photographs of living conditions of poor. toured speaking to the masses.
Newyork city passes tenament reform of 1890's.
Early progressive reformer. Uncovered slums and poverty of poor. Created change. Pioneer of social journalism. Not a national reform.
Bob La Follete
-Fair railroad rates
-Fix politics
-Elected by talking to the people
Alice Paul
Leader of the national American Womans suffrage association.
- Mother of woman suffrage movement
- Got 19th amendment passed
- Part of the radical movement
William Du Bois
- Black dude who helped fight Jim Crow laws.
John Muir
- Read alot as a chile
- Into Chemestry, Biology, and Botony
-Yosimite national park bill.
- 160000000 acres saved
Jane Addams
- Bought hull house with fathers inheritance
- Part of Teddy Rosevelts campaign