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Emancipation Proclamation
Lincoln's way to free slaves from the confederacy; didnt free the border states
border states
maryland, kentucky, delaware, missouri
South after the war
3rd world nation until oil found in Texas in the 1900's
Presidential Reconstruction
President Lincoln and Johnson
Lincoln was shot.
Impeachment of President ___
by the ____ branch of gov't
legislative branch
it violated tenure of office act
president is guilty of high crimes and misdemenors
found by house of reps.
Radical Reconstruction
conducted by Congress
Martial Law
military divided the South into 5 different districts
This would end the blacks chances of gaining equality with whites:
Northern troops stay in south until 1877
13th ammendment
freed all the slaves
14th ammendment
gave blacks citizenship
15th ammendment
gave blacks the right to vote
poll tax
people must pay money to vote
literacy test
passed reasing and writing test to vote
grandfather clause
grandfather must be born in US, then they get exempt
Plessy vs Ferguson
"seperate but equal"
legalized segregation
(bathrooms, fountains, schools)
ppl in north that helped the south
ppl in south that helped the north
election of 1876
Tilden (D) won popularity, but Hayes (R) won b/c 3 states gave in. Hayes pulled out northern troops & got Fla, S Carolina, and Louisiana
Black codes
laws limiting rights of the freed men
Booker T Washington
LATER- wanted to become dependent then expected ppl to look up to blacks
WEB Dubois
NOW- wanted action ASAP
founded NAACP
John Marshall
judicial review
Marbury vs Madison
judicial review
Gibbons vs Ogden
congress controlls interstate trade
McClulluch vs Maryland
states cannot tax federal property
Dred Scott vd Sanford
declares missouri compromise unconstitutional
Schneck vs US
Civil liberties are not absolute; freedoms can be limited
Roe vs Wade
a womans right to privacy (abortion)
Monroe Doctrine
Europeans must stay out of Western Hemisphere
War of 1812
US> Great Britain
Manifest destiny
the will to obtain all land from east to west coast of USA
War with mexico
50% of their territory is now ours
economic differences
North (sectionalism)
industry, immigrants, factories, urban cities
cash crops, plantations, agriculturally based
West (sectionalism)
farms, Oregon trail, rural, natives, gold
Causes of Civil War
1. Lincoln elected in 1860
2. sectionalism
3. breakdown of compromise (clay is dead)
4. slavery (abolitionists fight)
5. different interpretations of constitution
turning point
loose constructionist
doesnt follow constitution verbatum; HAMILTON *elastic clause
Strict Interpretation
Jefferson; almost sick from Louisianna purchase
lobby groups
persuation (votes, $, flattery)
elastic clause
necessary and proper to stretc h the rules to fith their powers
bill of rights
first 10 ammendments to constitution
first part of constitution
special interest groups
NRA; MADD- they hire interest groups
electoral college
270 votes to win; they elect the president
*founding fathers thought ppl were stupid
changes to the constitution; legislative checking judicial
unwritten constitution
judicial review, political parties, cabinet
3rd political parties
create concern when 2 major parties dont get most of the votes
power is divided between federal and state powers
house of representatives
propose and vote on laws. 435 members; depends on population; term=2yrs
approves treaties+ pres. appointments; 6yr terms
judicial branch
interprets the law. settles disputes
executive brance
gov't that administers laws and other affairs
presidents roll
commander in chief
cheif executive
head of political party
A supporter of the Jacksonian democracy would have favored the idea of
the spoils system
wants to end slavery
Lincolns rold in civil war
defend and preserve the untion
result of civil war:
slavery ended
radical republicans opposed lincolns reconstruction plan b.c.
it allowed the election of confederate leaders
Jim Crowe laws
laws that introduced racial segregation
New England colonies:
Massachusettes, Conn., Rhode Island, New Hampshire
Middle colonies
delaware, penn, ny, nj
southern colonies
marylan, virginia, n&s carolina, georgia
mayflowed compact
fist plan of gov't in new world
new england town meetings
ppl came together to vote. each person has a voice
virgina house of burgesses
choose ppl to make decisions for them
lexington and concord
SPARK! that causes rev. war
TURNING POINT, US crushes burgoine & French come to help
closing battle
declaration of independence
NOT a plan of gov't, but a list of grievences
artivles of confederation
weak plan of gov't
written plan of gov't
*bill of rights
*amendments 1-10
*3 branches of govt
1st amenment
freedom to assembly, press, religion, speech
amendment 10
any rights not given to fed gov't are given to the states
John Locke
natural rights: life, liberty, property
Thomas Paine
wrote common sense; stirs patriotistic feelings
the was americans faught WITH british against an enemy based in canada
french and indian war
colonist thought laws should be passed:
only colonists elected representatives
Articles of Confed
americans fear abused powers, wanted a weak central gov't
election of 1868
general grant elected: south is under Martial law, miliatary runs south
terrorized newly freed blacks
black codes
blacks couldnt
1. serve on juries
2. hold office
3. pass @night
brown vs board of ed contradicted:
plessy bs. ferg.
Habieus corpus
civil liberties
Stephen Douglas
debated Lincoln
Jefferson Davis
pres. of confederacy
harriet tubman
underground railroad
fredrick douglas
former runaway- abolitionist
harriet beecher stowe
wrote uncle toms cabin; northern abolitionist
period immediately following civil war