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This law set up the federal court system.
judiciary act of 1789
this plan included the federal court system assuming state debts,issuing new bonds to cover old ones, a protective tariff, and excise tax on wiskey.
Halmilton's economic plan
this case established the principle of judicial review.
marbury vs. madison
these laws raised the number of years that a person had to be in the country before becoming a citizen and made it illegal to criticize the government.
alien and sedition act
This party believed in a strong state government, a commerce-based economy, and rule by the wealthy elite.
The federalist promised to add this to the constitution in order to get the anti-federalist to ratify the constitution.
Bill of Rights
Thomas Jefferson doubled the size of the US by purcusing this piece of land from France.
this view of the constitution says that the federal government can exercise power that the constitution doesn't forbid.
loose construction
say that the federal government can exercise only powers that are expressly given in the constitution
strict construction
Written by Madison and Jefferson in repsonse to the alien and sedition act.
Virgina and Kentucky resolve
A state could declare a federal law null and void.
Virgina and Kentucy resolve
Pennsylvania farmers staged this short up raising to try to avoid paying new federal excise tax.
Whiskey rebellion
treaty with spain gave us florida
adam-onis treaty
agreement with britain set most of our northern border with canada
convention of 1818
european nations must stay out of the western hemisphere, no new nations in north or south america
monroe doctrine