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Potsdam COnference
-Truman, Churchill, Stalin
-divided Germany into 4 occupation zones
satellite nations
countries under the USSR control
Nuremberg Trials
german war crime trials
-charged with planning the war, committing war crimes an conspiring to committ the crimes
MacArthur ran _____
reform in Japan
new constitution
-limit on military
broke up zaubatsu
huge corporations run by single families that had monopolized japanese economy
Hideki Tojo
sentenced to death in the trials in tokyo
led the nationalist party in China
Mao Zedong
led the communist party in China
The United Nations
1945 became official
-headquarters = NYC
Trygve Lie
UN's first secretary general
Eleanor Roosevelt
one of the first US delegates of the UN
movement for a jewish homeland in palestine
- caus of the 1st middle east war
leader of Zionism
David Ben Guiron
Ralph Bunche
persuaded both sides to accept an armistice in the first middle east war
yalta conference
-Stalin, Churchill, FDR
-stalin pledged to declare war on Japan 3 months agter Germany surrenders
-divide Germany into occupational zones
-outlined plans for a new international peace organization
West Germany
not communist
-"Federal Republic"
East Germany
-"People's republic"
George Kennan
state department official
-came up with idea of containment
presidential advisor
Baruch Plan
impoe penalties on countries that did not follow international rules regarding atomic weapons
Atomic Energy Act of 1946
created the Atomic Energy Commisssion to oversee nuclear weapons research and promote uses of peaceful atomic energy
Truman Doctrine
1947 -- states that the US would help any country fighting against communism
Marshal Plan [European Recovery Plan]
after WWII -- plan to give money to european countries to help them rebuild their economy
North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO]
alliance formed with US and western European nations
Warsaw Pact
communist places pact with each other
Korean War
54,000 Americans died
Kim II Sung
led communist north Korea
-"Democratic Poeple's Republic of korea"
led south korea -- "The Republic of Korea"
Great Debate
plan to overthrow chinese communist -- truman opposed this plan and removes MacArthur in 1951
Election of 1952
Truman does not run again
-Eisenhower [wins bc promised to end the war and he does]
-Stevenson (D.)
called for threatening all-out war in order to confront communist aggression
man in USSR who accused Staling of committing many crimes
The U-2 Incident
when a US pilor was captured while spying on the USSR
The Shah [king] of Iran
Department of Defense
replaced the war department in 1947
national security council
advised the president on international affairs
the house un-american activities committee
was leading the fight against communism in the US
the internal security act
required communists to register with the government
accused a bunch of people of being communists
-eventually "centered" [criticized] by senate
Margaret Chase Smith
challenged McCarthy
Billy Graham
most famous living preacher in american history going against nuclear bombs
first artificial sattelite
national air and space aeronatutics
GI bill of rights
provided pensions and governemtn loans to help veterans start buisnesses and buuy houses or farms
employment act
committed to the governmen to promoting full employment and production
council of economic advisers
confer with the president on economic policy
taft-harley act
gave judged the power to end certain stikes and outlawed close shot agreements
election og 1948
truman [wins]
-henry wallace
-thomas dewey
truman's fair deal
-full employment
-higher minimum wage
-national health and insurance program
-construction of affordable housing
-increased aid to farmers
wagner connery act
national labor relations act
H.H. Humphrey
came up with civil rights platform in election of 1948
leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization
bordering countries of Israel
jordan, egypt, syria/lebanon
leader of Israeli invasion
modern republicanism
name given to eisenhower's attempt to balance liberal domestic reforms with conservative spending during the 1950s
AFL-CIO's first president [unions]
The Highway act of 1956
contributed to surburban growth
Brown v. Board of Education
-supreme court case that declared "separate but equal" public schools unconstitutional
thurgood marshall
NAACP lawyer
Little Rock Nine
nine african american students who first integrated Central High school in little rock arkansas
Montgomery improvement association
oranization formed by african americans in montgomery, Alabama in 1956 to strengthen bs boycott and to coordinate protest efforts of blacks
Civil rights act of 1957
law that made it a federal crime to prevent qualified persons from voting
Felix Longoria
mexican american soldier killed during WWII -- when he was going to have his funeral the director would not allow the use of the chapel because he was Mexican American
league of united latin American citizens
formed in 1929 to lobby hispanic concerns and issues
ralph ellison
published the Invisible Man
the beats
a small but influential group of writers who challenged literary conventions and the lifestyle of the middle class in the 1950s
urban renewal
program launched by the federal government in 50's to replace old run down inner city buildings
election of 1960
Ike couldnt run
-Kennedy [wins]
issues of the election of 1960
civil rights
Flexible Repsonse
strategy to keep a range of options for dealing with international crisis
peace corps
program used to send volunteers to work in developing nations for two years
alliance for progress
done to expand economic aid to latin america
fidel castro
rebel leader that led an uprising that overthrew Batista (cuban director)
cuban missile crisis
when we agreed to "societs will remove missiles and US will end blockade and promise not to invade Cuba"
limited nuclear test ban treaty
Kruschev and JFK
-ended above fround testing of nuclear weapons
Lee Harvey Oswald
killed JFK
Earl Warren
appointed by johnson
sirhan sirhan
killed Oswald
Reynolds vs. Sims
"one man one vote"
warren court
promoted liberal cause of LBJ
"Bull" Connor
birmingam's city commissiomer of safety who blamed freedom riders for violence
diane nash
SNCC leader who refused to comply with JFK's requests to stop the bus rides
California v. Bakke
made quotas illegal
14th amendment
equality under law
15th amendment
blacks can vote
24th amendment
banned the payment of poll taxes as a condition for voting in federal elections
civil rights activist -- MLK's right hand man
Council of Federated Organizations
established to coordinate voter registration drives
Freedom Summer
campaign to register African American voters in Mississippi
college student from new york who wne missing as well as Chaney and Schwerrner
Voting Rights Act of 1965
put the entire registration process under federal control
Mississippi Freedom Deomcratic Party
group that sent its own delegates to the Democratic national convention in 196 to protect discrimination against black voters in mississippi
james farmer
CORE director
Nation of Islam
black muslims; black nationlists religious group
-founded by Fard
-based on Muhammad
elijah muhammad
became leader of the Nation of Islam in 30's
Black Power Movement
called for black separatism that was a result of frustration that came with the slowness of the civil rights movement
black panther pary
political party
"black people will not be free until we are able to determine our own destiny"
Bobby Seale and Huey Newton
created the black panther party
Kenner Commission
investigated the riots in the 1960s and blamed them on white racism
James Earl Ray
killed MLK
ressurection city
shanty town to sow the poverty of america
Betty Friedan
wrote the Feminine Mystique
Phyllis Schlafly
opposed ERA
Gloria Steinman
journalist activist
foudned the National womens political caucus
Education amendments act
outlawed sexual discrimination
Cesar Chavez
led the strike with the NFWA (national farm workers association) leaders
la huegla
he delano grape strike
Brown Berets
activist group formed in 1967 in response to police treatment of Mexican Americas
Gray Panthers
founded by Maggie Kuhn
Robert McNamara
secretary of defense
tonkin gulf resolution
gave the presidency authority to take "all necessary measures to repel any attack againt forces of the US"
buildup of troops
Operation Rolling Thunder
bombing campaign against military targets in the North and weakened the enemy's will to fight
Ho Chi Minh Trail
network of Jungle paths
chemicals that stripped the land of vegetation
Search and Destory Missions
drove vietcong from their hideouts
moved residents to secure locations and then burned their villaged
Tet offensive
bring down South Vietnam's government a the people rallied behind their "liberators"
commander of the US forces in Vietnam
Tran Do
deputy commander of communist forces in South vietnam
George Wallace
ran as a candidate for the American Independent Party
Nixons poitical advisor
involved turning over the fighting to the SOuth Vietnamese while gradually pulling out US troops
Le Duc Tho
north vietnam leader dude
Pentagon Papers
revealed that the government had frequently misled the american people about the course of the war
Daniel Ellsberg
was a former department of defense official who had leaked these documents to the press
Cease fire of Vietnam
-US withdraw its remaining forces in Vietnam
-Prisoner Exchange
-no settlement on the political future of south
-us would come to the aid of south vietnam [secretly] if fighting resumed
legacy of vietnam war
-money: americans had to pay a lot more for taxes
-people: 58,000 US soldiers fied and death in vietnam
-american image: wall was built to heal wounds
war powers act
reaffirms congress' constitutional right to declare war by setting a 60 day limit on the presidential committment of US trooops to foreign conflicts
Nixon and new federalism
divison of power between the national and the state government
waren burger and renqhuist
conservative justices appointed by Nixon
OPEC - organizaion of petroleum exporting countries
yea oil pooooooooooooop
killed by CIA bc we think he is a communist
middle east wars
-40s = existence of israel
-50s = suez crisis
-60s = six day war
-70s = yom kippur war
real politics
nixon and kissinger's thing
-national interest rather than human rights
Jou En Lai
presidnet of communist china
judicial branch investigation during watergate
legislative branch investigation during watergate
executive branch investigation during watergate
caught on tape talking to nixon about watergate break in
Nixon claimed that he had _________ and that it was a matter of _________
"executive priveledge"
"national security"
articles of impeachment
(clinton and nixon)
1)obstruction of justice
2)abuse of power
3)lying under oath
Saturday night massacre
when all these people resigned and were fired under nixon
significance of watergate
1)trust in constitution
2)trouble trusting gov.
3)privacy laws passed
election of 76
-Carter [wins]
Panama Canal Treaties
gave panamal canal back to panamanians -- carter
Camp david accords
carter - peace agreement between israel and eypt
egyptian president
israeli prime minister
ayatolla Khomeini
church leader of Iran
leader of China
voting rights of 1975
required states and communities with a large number of no english speaking residents to print voting stuff in other languages
first us space station put in orbit in 73
Reagan's legacy
1)calls end of cold war
Bush Senior's legacy
ending cold war
-operation desert storm
Acis of evil (made by bush now)
north korea
election of 1980
reagan wins
new right
-support school prayer
-no communism
-strong military
-dont support abortion
moral majority led by _____
based on supply side economics (supply people with mor emoney to spend by lowering taxes and more things will be bought and economy will benefit)
deficit spending
oversepending your revenue on a yearly basis
favored by reagan
-little or no regulation for buisness
national debt
the total of the deficit spending over the yeard added together
prime minister of britain
against communism in latin/cental america
- we support
we dont support them
- want communism
iran contra affair
given to the 1980 scandal in which reagan administration secretly sold weapons to Iran in exchange for relase of American hostages in Lebanon and then used the profits for sale to fund the contras in Nicaragua
Gramm-Rudman hollings act
required automatic actoss-the board cuts in gov. spending when the deficit spending exceeded a certian amount
insider trading
use of confidential financial info. for personal gain
S and L crisis
economic collapse in the savings and loan an banking industries caused by risky loans in the 80s
oliver north
funnelled millions of dollars from the Iran contra affair by selling the weapons
leader of USSR in 85
Gorbachev's policy of openess
Gorbachev's polic to restructure the economy
takes over USSR after Gorbachev
USSR leader from 2000-now
Tiananmen Square
gate of heavenly peace -- heart of china's gov.
in 2007 chinese economy is a _____ economy
three important things about 1st gulf war
1)role of women
Bush Doctrine
states pre-emptive stirke -- US committed to protecting themselves from attack -- made after 9/11
Election of 1992
Clinton wins
-Ross Perot runs
Janet Reno
female attorney general
Medeleini Albright
first secretary of state
Israeli prime minister
leader of Libya
Election of 1996
clinton (wins)
perot (reform party)
ferderal reserve chairman -- credited with economy boom
Kenneth Starr
independent counsel during Clintons trial
first human to orbit the earth
Truman's foreign policy
potsdam conference, containment, marshall plan, NATO
Truman's domestic policy
GI bill of rights, taft hawley act, fair deal
Ike's foreign policy
brinkmanship, CIA
Ike's domestic policy
modern republicanism
JFK's foreign policy
flexible repsonse, alliance for progress, berlin crisis, bay of pigs, hot line, direct combat
JFK's domestic policy
new frontier, area for redevelopment act, eqaul pay at, NOW
LBJ's foreign policy
guns vs. butter, tonkin gulf resolution, escalation, operation rolling thunder, pacification, search and destory
LBJ's domsestic policy
war on poverty, great society, medicare, medicaid
Nixon's foreign policy
vietnamization, real politics, SALT, detente
Nixon's domestic policy
Rehabilitation act, southern strategy, OPEC, new federalism
Ford's foreign policy
Ford's domestic policy
pardoned Nixon, whip inflation now
Carter's foreign policy
human rights, panama canal, camp david accords
Carter's domestic policy
national energy act, department of energy
Reagan's foreign policy
Itan hostage crisis, strategic defense initiative
Reagan's domestic policy
new right, moral majortiy, supply side economics/reaganomics
Bush Sr.'s foreign policy
Operation desert storm
Bush Sr.'s domestic policy
Americans with disabilities act, war on drugs
Clinton's foreign policy
operation restore hope, contract with america
Clinton's domestic policy
economic boom
low unemployment
Bush Jr.'s foreign policy
operation Iraqi freedom, NAFTA
Bush Jr.'s domestic policy
recycling, conserving energy, stock market