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Atomic bomb- japan's surrender
to end the war completely and easily and to get back at japan
japanese internment
put into camps due to fear of attack/ spying
favoring native inhabitants, not immigrants
nuremburg trials
Nazi leaders put on trial for war crimes
First 100 days
FDR passed a lot of legislation to help recover from Great Depression
Social Security
provided financial security for the elderly, unemployed, and disabled
Agricultural adjustment Act
raised crop prices by paying farmers to lower output
Dust Bowl
area in the Great Plains- under a drought
provided help to those most affected by the GD
provided help for businesses and banks to improve the economy
provided changes in order to prevent another GD
court Packing
FDR tried to add judges to the Supreme Court to gain control of that branch
Free Enterprise vs Govm't COntrol
laissez-faire vs govm't regulation of business
March on Washington
MLK led, "i have a dream", spurred CRA 1964
Selma March
arrested for standing in line to vote, very bloody, FOR VOTING RIGHTS, helped pass VRA 1965
Congress role- CRA 1964
eliminated discrimination in public places, employment, and voting- Con. passed it
Congress Role- VRA 1965
passed after Selma march, eliminated literacy tests (which had different standards for blacks vs whites)
Supreme Court- brown vs Board of Education
ordered desegregation of public schols
affirmative action
gave special consideration to minorities
Eisenhower's Role- Little Rock
Showed that govm't would actually do something, sent troops to desegregate
Marshall Plan
sent aid to European countries
Korean war
contain communism, N. korea communist, we helped S Korea and successfully kept them non-COmmunist
collective security, said that they would come together against communism
Truman Doctrine
sent aid to turkey and greece, afraid of domino theory
United Nations
international peace keeping organization formed after atlantic charter
Neutrality act 1935
no trade
neutrality act 39
pay in cash and take the items home yourself, to help allies
pearl harbor
led to our involvement in WWII
Good Neighbor Policy
policy of peace w/ latin american countries
Office of Price Administration
created to prevent inflation, used war bonds
Office of Civilian Defense
made programs to get people to support the war
Fidel Castro
has frustrated 10 US presidents
Roosevelt clashed with the _______ over New Deal programs, which violated the ______.
supreme Court, separation of powers
GI Bill
gave loans to veterans to start businesses and attend college
THe first step towards the end of the COld War
nuclear test ban treaty
In Vietnam before US
2 factors in budget deficits of the 80s
military spending, tax cuts
Kennedy's Biggest Success
Cuban Missile Crisis
Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Berlin Airlift all served to
limit or contain Soviet expansion
provided hospital care to people over 65
Medicare was one of President Johnson's ___________ programs.
Great society
some objections to the new deal were that it was endangering the _______________
Free Enterprise system